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input SignalK in OpenCPN on 64 bits R.
See image.

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I assume this is the OpenCPN beta? Did you build it yourself, or do they have a deb available?
This is the site:

Used the Buster version.

(2020-01-06, 11:28 AM)verkerkbr Wrote: This is the site:

Used the Buster version.


Additional note:

OpenGL was not working. Now with the latest kernel and video core update it works also in the 64 bits version. Kernel 4.19.99-V8+
I'am using the 64 bits version for some time now and can report it works much better and faster then the 32 bits version.

There are now more distros offering 64 bits versions of the OS for the RPI3 and 4. Suse and Fedora for example.

OpenCPM with SignalK is also running perfect on my Linux Mint Tricia version 64 bits. The Oesenc plugin works well.

But on my RPI 3B+ and 4 the Oesenc plugin does not work. Seems to be upheld. Why ?

Is the Oesenc plugin available in Github for own use compilation. ?

I think that more OpenPlotter users are allready using a 64 bits version.

The only reason seems to be that not all the RPI's are 64 bits. Therefore the 64 bits Raspian version is not released, although available from other sources. For some times the V8 (64bits) kernels are availlable and are frequently updated.


I'am using now a 64 bits systeem for a long time. Everything works very well ans stable. I'dont want to go back to the 32 bits version.

There are more en more user to run a 64 bits sestym on the RPI. The V8 kernel is available also for a log time.

OpenPlotter runs perfect on my Linux 64 AMD including the use of Oesenc charts.

But now the use on my Raspberry. It is impossible to put the fingerprint on my RPI 4 64 bits. Tried several option but no possibility to use my Oesenc charts on my Pi4. This is very disappointing. Sailoog wrote: it is on hold.

Why not make the possibility for 64 users to have access to their Oesenc charts. 64 bits is certainly the way to go.

Pse, give instructies how to avoid this unnessary lock-up. There are allready several software options to run 64 bits software on the RPI.


A Raspbian Buster 64 bits version is now in the repositories:

Do the latest updates and then:

sudo apt-get install -y raspbian-nspawn-64

This is not an officieel version.


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