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PyPilot works for me!
Okay, I've found the cure for the issue in this topic:

switching DIV_BOARD to 1 dit the trick in recognizing the motor controller.
(2020-01-11, 08:58 AM)CapnKernel Wrote: The motor driver is a VNH5019 I bought online, which hasn't had any of the problems I found in the VNH20SP30s I've bought.  I didn't need to change motor.ino.  

I am working on making a pypilot by myself. I don't have any skills in eclectronics so I rely on CapnKernel's  wiring diagram that is easier to understand than Sean's ones when you are a beginner Smile . Tks for that it is really helpful.
I have 2 questions :

Something is not clear about VNH5019 wiring.
According to the diagram and pictures, only INA, PWM, INB, VDD and GND are wired.
But if i look at Sean's code in motor.ino (lines 89 to 96) there is the wirerind deccription of the vnh2sp30  to the  arduino.  If i undestand well vnh2sp30  and VNH5019 are quite the same, at least in terms of code.

So the description is this one :
vnh2sp30  <->  arduino <->  CPC5001
+5V              5v
GND              GND
EN               D10
CS               A1
INA              D2
INB              D3
PWM              D9

Here it seems that CS INB and EN should be wired too.
Why this différence ?
CS INB and EN are optional ?
What are they suppose to do ?


You said "I didn't need to change motor.ino." . I guess that you have uncommented the folwing lines at least :
#define VNH2SP30 // defined if this board is used
#define DISABLE_TEMP_SENSE    // if no temp sensors avoid errors
#define DISABLE_VOLTAGE_SENSE // if no voltage sense
#define DISABLE_RUDDER_SENSE  // if no rudder sense
  • Is the #define DISABLE_VOLTAGE_SENSE shoud really be uncommented ?
  • Is there other settings that you had to do in the code ?
I am in a hurry to get my orders to start to work !
CS is current sense and is "optional" but you need some form of end of travel detection to prevent prolonged stalling

the other pins are required
(2020-12-14, 05:07 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: CS is current sense and is "optional" but you need some form of end of travel detection to prevent prolonged stalling

the other pins are required

Ok tks Sean.
And tks also for you geat job and sharing it.

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