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Possible Bug:Tiny Pilot heading offset
I'm giving this a major edit, because I wasn't very clear in my first post:

I have two pypilots: One is a sensor array mounted on an RPi-3B running Open Plotter. The other is a production TinyPilot from Sean.

The first PyPilot is easy to adjust the heading offset. It can be accomplished in OpenPlotter on the Pypilot calibration tab, or from OpenCPN(localhost, or any networked instance) using the PyPilot plug-in: Go to Calibratrion, then Alignment tab, then enter + or - degrees to make boat Heading match your magnetic compass. 

But on the TinyPilot when I go to OpenCPN-->Pypilot-plugin-->Calibration-->Alignment tab and there enter a heading offset,  it changes the commanded course, not the boat heading. And the change does not persist when the autopilot is engaged. The commanded  course is changed to the current  showing boat heading. So, no offset is achieved.

I'm thinking this may be a bug in TinyPilot 0.14, but I haven't tried it in any other build yet.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

(OpenPlotter is 1.2.0a. PyPilot plug in on OCPN (5.0.0)is 0.9)

It is a bug in 0.14, as built from git.

I rolled back to this image (tinypilot_30092019.img.xz), and the problem went away.

Move along, folks. Nothin' to see here. Cool
Sorry, definitely a bug but I just fixed it (I hope) along with other improvements.
(2020-02-03, 02:36 AM)seandepagnier Wrote: Sorry, definitely a bug but I just fixed it (I hope) along with other improvements.

Excellent! I'll load that later today, and take it for a spin. Thanks, Sean, for all your work.

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