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Can I send Pypilot sensor output to a second TinyPilot?
I have a Pypilot instance running on an OpenPlotter RPi, but with no connected motor controller attached to that system.  I also have a TinyPilot PiZero-W with a motor controller (both from Sean) running at the helm. 

The TP is networked in client mode to the OP system.  I can select either of these Pypilots by IP address in the Pypilot-plugin configuration on OpenCPN running in any device sharing the OP network, but as it is only the TP can drive the helm.

Is it possible to drive the helm from the OP pypilot sensors by wifi networking the commands or sense data from it to the TP at the helm, where the motor controller would respond?

Or would this be better managed by some other path? Maybe a secondary hardwired serial input to the TP's motor controller? Or, could the usb data port (next to the power input) on the TP be used?

I have looked at this ( but it doesn't seem to apply.

Has anyone else looked into this? Thanks, everybody! What a great community this is!
[Image: smile.png]
I have exactly the same question. In the cockpit I need direct control of the autopilot via the buttons +-10 +-1 standby and auto. In addition would be nice to have a green light when autopilot is running and red blink when it s in standby. A beep for each step (+-10 +-1)When the boat is on open sea it should be possible to use the main plotter (opencpn) to control the helm. This means both controls should work. I don´t want to fiddle with a mobile phone or tablet when I am sailing with limited space or bad weather. 

Sometimes as you know you have to be quick ( e.g. boje ahead). Autopilots have the tendency to change course when they see the buoy. I have on port and starboard a red and a green stripe already from one of the small buoys.(hit them during night just touched them)

I sail now for 40 years......

The control needs to be simple.....

I can fiddle with all the computer stuff when I am tied up in port, but not when I am sailing.
It is better the raspberry with the inertial sensors also drive the motor. You can then control this pypilot remotely over wifi. If the inertial sensors had to be transmitted over wifi there would be more lag and would be unreliable for the control loop of the autopilot.

You can wire buttons on the helm also to the raspberry with pypilot or any raspberry connected to it over wifi.

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