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PLEASE HELP! Im pulling my hair out!
Please can someone explain the following diagram to me and how to get these connections to work.

I have found a diagram on these forums. And cannot work out how the connections work.

1. There is a connection from GPSD to PyPilot. Where in PyPilot can I add a connection to GPSD? There is no option to add any other connection other then serial or UDP/TCP to SignalK.

2. How can I add a connection from GPSD to SerialK? I cannot see anywhere to add a GPSD server in SignalK? I have tried adding a SignalK server to port 2947? GPSD is running and pulling data as if I add the GPSD connection directly to OpenCPN I get GPS data.

3. I cannot add my I2C compass. When I go to the I2C options and add a device the only devices listed are 2 devices, neither which are my device? See attached image.

Thank you for the help! Ive been trying to get my head around this now for so long!


that diagram is from openplotter 1 and obsolete

1. pypilot connect to GPSD automatically but you should use this only if you are using an autopilot.

2. there was a GPSD connection in the past but SK developers have discontinued this option if I am not wrong. You should contact them.


Are you sure you need GPSD?
Thanks for the reply.

So PyPilot automatically listens for connections on

yes, it should.

also lastly could you just maybe outline a good connection structure for inputting the different types of connection and outputting them.

Thanks for the help!
working on a new diagram for OP2 now
If you can assist me in getting everything working and I can get my head around the connection structure, I will do a detailed in depth blog post of the project too. This is ofcouse once I understand how everything integrates and I can get my head around things
Right now heres where im at.

Ive flashed the latest version of openplotter onto a SD card.

Ive booted and setup, ive added my serial connection /dev/ttyS0 to PyPilot and created both PyPilot connections in SignalK using the PyPilot tool.

I have the default SignalK connection in OpenCPN

I cannot get a GPS lock in openCPN.

If i run sudo cat /dev/ttyS0 I get GPS data read out.

If I add the serial connection directly to OpenCPN as serial, I get full GPS and position data.

Any ideas?

Does this mean PyPilot detects my sensors and PyPilot is ready to use them?

the new diagram for OpenPlotter 2:

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