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PLEASE HELP! Im pulling my hair out!
(2020-03-25, 01:18 AM)deanfourie Wrote: Right now heres where im at.

Ive flashed the latest version of openplotter onto a SD card.

Ive booted and setup, ive added my serial connection /dev/ttyS0 to PyPilot and created both PyPilot connections in SignalK using the PyPilot tool.

I have the default SignalK connection in OpenCPN

I cannot get a GPS lock in openCPN.

If i run sudo cat /dev/ttyS0 I get GPS data read out.

If I add the serial connection directly to OpenCPN as serial, I get full GPS and position data.

Any ideas?


Is Signal k getting data from pypilot? use the SK data broser: http://localhost:3000/admin/#/databrowser

Are you sure you need pypilot? if you are not using an autopilot you should make the connection of your GPS directly in SK.
Yes I do believe so.

Here are some images of my current setup.



according to your screenshots you are not getting gps data in SK, only heading data from the IMU.
Are you sure any program else like opencpn is not trying to read the device?
what happens if you remove the connection in pypilot and make the connection directly in SK using the serial app?
I am pretty sure.

If I remove the device from serial, I am able to do a cat /Dev/ttoS0 and get a printout

Also I cannot calibrate my compass in PyPilot, not sure if it's able to see the sensor data.
(2020-03-26, 12:26 PM)Sailoog Wrote: what happens if you remove the connection in pypilot and make the connection directly in SK using the serial app?
Its seems like I have GPS activity straight from serial input. Just GPS signal which is understood.





Thank you
Should I have activity on both of these?


Im having so many issues, No GPS and also no IMU + compass. Its literally not detecting anything

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