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mpu 9255 not working correctly?
I apologize, if this has been discussed before.

I just received my second mpu9255 sensor, since the one before was faulty.

So I connected it to the rpi according to the manuals and it shows and I can calibrate (sort of) it using pypilot...

When I look at it in signal K instrumentpanel it only gives out pitch and roll... the yaw is blank... I fear that's not how it is supposed to do?
Also... the magnetic heading is not acting like I'd expect... the heading doesn't change according to how I am...

I must be doing something wrong, what might it be?
I'm a total beginner and appreciate feedback and help Smile

The yaw is the heading, that is the expected behavior.
Ah... that was obvious, thanks!

What do you think about the heading not changing according to how the sensor is turned/moved? Or is that just becaus I’m testing it indoors and there’s not enough movement?

When I walk towards north it shows correct direction, but when I turn and head in the opposite direction the heading changes about 20-30 degrees, not the expected 180.

I guess I’ll take the testbed outside and give it a try there also.
Usually that means that your imu is not calibrated yet:
Great! Thank you for the reply! I’m obviously too impatient.
Today I was finally able to install a correctly working MPU9255. This is the fourth try, the other three were all broken one way or another. It appears there're quite a few inferior MPUs being sold.

Run the calibration. If you can complete that successful, you are probably good. Otherwise you may also have an inferior sensor.
Hello, I have an openplotter installation with a gps via usb and I send the data via ethernet to a computer. Now I would like to be able to send the information of an MPU9250 but although I have it calibrated I cannot send the information together with that of the gps.

I have it registered in PyPilot, and in signalk. But I have not managed to use the heading of the compass so that it comes out in OpenCPN or send it via UDP.

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