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AvNav implementation in OP2
Smal hint:
There are some corrections in the ocharts support for AvNav - just refer to the releases at
AvNav 20201105 Released
-Feature: Power saving button (android and BonjourBrowser) #69
-Feature: Implement course vectors (depending on speed) for boat and AIS #59, see Navigation Page (some new Settings)
-Feature: Allow to set AIS symbol size and Border #58
-Feature: Allow to set Images for different AIS targets, own boat, marker #53, see Description
-Feature: Show overflow button if more then 8 Buttons on a page, allow for 2 button columns #68, see Navigation Page
-Feature: Setting to force back button on top
-Feature: Remove package dependency to gpsd
-Feature: Allow plugins (widgets) to have event handlers at their objects and to communicate with the python part #75, see Plugin Description and User Java Script
-Feature: Usage of SignalK charts #76, see SignalK Charts
-Bug: Avoid n2k not working any more after long time
-Bug: Unexpected go back from various pages when clicking (itemlist clicking)
-Bug: Correctly go to previous waypoint when deleting last in route
-Bug: Become robust against empty values in DPT,DBT #60
-Bug: Correctly handle filters in avnav_server.xml with blacklist only
-Bug: Become more robust against shortened AIS type 5 message ( no callsign, name,... for some AIS targets)
-Bug: Reload a chart in the Browser if it has been modified on server (mbtiles, ocharts)
-Bug: (Android only) accept unknown NMEA talker ids
-Bug: Make center to Ais target working again #74
-Bug: Correctly show anchor watch distance in m #62
-Bug: Fix broken user app dialog for long urls #66
-Bug: Change handling for mbtiles scheme #63, see Description Charts

Also AvNav-OCharts-Provider 20201105
-Improved memory handling. The Xvfb will be restarted if it reaches 120MB
-Faster start up. The chart information will be kept in a cache file. So reading the charts is only necessary if some charts have changed.
-Removed memory leak within the used OpenCPN plugin (workaround) - so the memory usage of Xvfb will not increase that much any more.

Those who already had AvNav installed can use
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
Who has not yet, can install AvNav stack with openplotter-avnav
can the port for AvNav be changed ? Currently :8080 conflicts with SDR ADS-B sample SkyAware.
(2020-11-10, 11:09 AM)SkipperEarly Wrote: can the port for AvNav be changed ? Currently :8080 conflicts with SDR ADS-B sample SkyAware.

For AvNav itself it can easily be changed in avnav_server.xml (in /home/pi/avnav/data). See Documentation - search for AVNHttpServer.
There are only 2 problems:
1. the Link in the AvNav OpenPlotter app will not work any more (/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/openplotterAvnav/
2. the avahi service will point to a wrong port (/etc/avahi/services/avnav-avahi.service).

Maybe we can ask Martin to make this configurable in the AvNav-Openplotter app.
Thanks @wellenvogel. Do I understanding you correctly? I could change in the 3 places pointed out by you the :8080 to e.g. 8081 and all would work (until the next update maybe)
Yes, it should...
Did not test this until now - but it should be easy to check.
After you changed avnav_server.xml you need to restart AvNav.
worked fine replacing 8080 with 8081 with
$ sudo nano /home/pi/avnav/data/avnav_server.xml
$ sudo nano /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/openplotterAvnav/
$ sudo nano /etc/avahi/services/avnav-avahi.service

be careful to get the spelling (caps!) corresponding to actual installation.

Thanks for help!
Good to know.
Thanks for reporting the result.
Quote:Maybe we can ask Martin to make this configurable in the AvNav-Openplotter app.
seems that @e-sailing: has heard you. In any case, in his git, the subject is covered with the ports. I have the package accordingly. You can test
Many thanks to @e-sailing:
I've recently discovered AvNav and been playing with it on a RPi 4 with openplotter at home.

I have an RPi 3 in the garage that is receiving AIS and and a GPS position. I have set these inputs up in signalK (no openplotter on this Pi) and can see all the data just fine. I can see the data in signalK 's webapps on the Pi4 in the house. But I can't see the any data at all on AvNav.

What do I have to do to have OpenPLotter route the data to AvNav?

Can I configure an SignalK input in openplotter?
If not how do I configure SignalK (the one receiving the data) to output NMEA0183 as say a UDP stream?

I can't get my head around creating an NMEA0183 output in signalK.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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