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OpenPlotter - PyPilot - TinyPilot
you just need to click the enable hardware uart button in openplotter serial settings and reboot.
(2020-05-19, 12:23 AM)seandepagnier Wrote: you just need to click the enable hardware uart button in openplotter serial settings and reboot.

Thanks - found the button and yes that's a lot simpler but it still doesn't seem to work for me. So:
  • Pressed UART button to disable bluetooth etc
  • Rebooted RPi-4
  • Voltage divider which now supplies 3.3v from Arduino TX to PI-10 (GPIO15)
  • Direct connection between PI-8 (GPIO-14) and Arduino RX (so that's still 5v)
  • Installed Arduino IDE on RPI, it sees the /dev/ttyACM0 Serial Port now but when trying to upload any sketch: I get 10 errors:
avrdude: stk500)getsync() attempt x of 10: into in sync: resp=0x34

I really am not sure what I'm doing wrong....

Does that matter that ttyACM0 shows up as a device in the OpenPlotter serial list? I guess not as when I delete it the Arduino IDE can't find the port anymore.

Thanks again for your help.
To upload it is /dev/ttyAMA0 not /dev/tyACM0. You must press the reset button or repower the arduino exactly when you run the avrdude command to upload.
(2020-05-12, 11:11 PM)rastam4n Wrote:
(2020-05-12, 09:53 PM)DoubleDutch Wrote: Some very basic questions:
  • I have an RPI-4 with OpenPlotter
  • I have attached an MPU9255, the PyPilot recognizes it and and I can calibrate my setup
The questions are about TinyPilot:

  1. In the above setup - do I still need TP?
  2. If so - does TP need to run on a separate RPI or can it run on the same RPI running OpenPlotter (or is that just a bad idea)
  3. If it's OK to run TP on the Open Plotter RPi: is TP installed as part of OpenPlotter and if so.... where is it..... and how do I start it?
  4. I found various diagrams for running TP on a RP-1-W but if it can all run on one RPi are there wiring diagram of how to connect an OpenPlotter RPI to a motor controller / which pins should be used?
Thanks in advance.

1. No, Pypilot does the same thing as tinypilot, all you need is a motor contoller now and you are set.
2. see above but yes if you choose to run tinypilot it does run on a independent RPi and is connected via wifi to openplotter
3. TP is more then just a program it is an operating system. It is designed to do one thing, steer your boat.
4. as follows if you use Seans motor controller.
Brown - 3.3v (pin 1)
White - TX (pin 8)
Blue - RX (pin 10)
Black - GND (pin 6 or 9)
I use PICAN-M, and it uses 8 ir 10 pins, is it possible change RPI pin or better for me in this situation use TinyPilot? probably i couldn't use the pin 8 and 10 for PICAN and Pypilot?
there are other serial ports on the pi 4 and pi zero 2, but the other raspberry pi you would want to use pin 8 and 10. Its possible to use USB as well but I prefer hardware serial.

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