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No compass calibration For LSM9DS1 (BerryIMU V2)
I am having trouble getting the LSM9DS1 IMU to calibrate. The device is in a fixed location on the boat and even though the boat movement is significant the calibration still says there is insufficient data to calibrate. If I look in OCPN, the boat direction is different than GPS direction and if I offset, the next time I look at it it will be wrong again. 

Previously Sailoog stated that this sensor had not been added yet, is this a big job or is there another IMU I should add that is supported?
Recently I have been doing some test with the LSM9DS1 and I have been able to calibrate correctly.
You have to be sure to run the latest version of OpenPlotter Pypilot app and follow the instructions to calibrate:
The LSM9DS1 has better compass than the mpu9250/mpu9255 but worse accelerometer so it is important you pass the step 1 "Accelerometer bias".
I am interested in your result, report please.
I will be at the boat tomorrow evening, I will see if I can calibrate using those instructions. I did not calibrate the accel page last time.
Got to the boat this morning, it is a bit wavy but I tried to calibrate and was successful (I believe). 

Here is a pic of the accel calibration page

The compass is calibrated in 2D only, I am still on the mooring,  I will check this again later after I have been sailing

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Any news on this?
(2020-06-16, 07:21 PM)Sailoog Wrote: Any news on this?

Yes, doesn’t seem to have worked, the IMU compass heading and gps compass heading vary massively and not consistently  - for instance we will be sailing a steady course and the IMU compass will be off by 90degrees, then I would change the offset to align them and later in the day they would be offset again. 

I will be on the boat again tomorrow and will get more info and examples of this
I was at the boat today and took some pictures of the alignment, accel and compass pages

on the accel page the calibration was from the 6 side box  exercise I did a couple of weeks ago. On the compass page it seems I am getting some calibration but perhaps not 3D, some of the earlier text said 2D fit.  on the alignment page the heading was completely wrong so I adjusted it to match the boat compass

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I spent some time doing different points of sail in order to calibrate the compass but keep getting 2D fit only and a message saying calibration is the same as previous. 
I can not see your latest image.

Some ideas:

- It seems that the LSM9DS1 have worse gyros and needs a good accel calibration
- Do you have any strong magnetic interference? speakers, cables with high current...
Let me know if you can see attachment

I will try to move the sensor to another location and see if that helps

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