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Wifi interference in harbor only
I'm not sure I understand what you want.

To put the Rpi as an AP point for everyone and that's it?


Put the Rpi as an AP point on one side and as a client on the other? And if this is so... Why?
(2020-07-22, 04:35 PM)monos1 Wrote: I'm not sure I understand what you want.

To put the Rpi as an AP point for everyone and that's it?


Put the Rpi as an AP point on one side and as a client on the other? And if this is so... Why?

The built in RPI wifi has not enough range to function as an AP because I have a steel boat. The external dongle does, so I want to make WLAN1 the AP.
So you just need an AP and that's it. I'm saying this because I didn't understand why you were using AP+client mode if you only wanted one AP.

In my case there is no problem to choose the wifi user to which I want to apply the AP task, but... I preferred to use as AP a mobile phone so all the devices connected to it -the Rpi, computers, tablets etc.- have access to the Internet and to the Rpi data too.

What I would do is unplug the external wifi unit and go to openplotter-network. and put it exclusively in client mode:

[Image: qmqF9zB.png]
Make sure you choose the mode, press the apply button and the next button too. After restarting Check that you don't have an AP point. Then plug the external wifi and open openplotter-network again.  Try again to choose usb for AP, apply button 1, fill in the values and apply button 2.

[Image: AUQrr1r.png]

After the reboot, it should be working. If it doesn't, the problem could be the wifi itself for some unknown reason. If you have an android phone it might be easier to do the same as me and use it as an AP point.

I've followed the steps, but USB will not appear in the list:

[Image: 2020-07-22-19-35-01-Aye-Aye-Systems-2-op...Viewer.png]

The usb dongle is working however in Raspbian (upper right corner)

[Image: 2020-07-22-19-34-43-Aye-Aye-Systems-2-op...Viewer.png]

Pressing the button "install wifi drivers" does not install new drivers, usb will not appear in the AP list.
Using a mobile phone is not what I want, I really want to use the dongle instead of a phone.
It could be an issue related to the wifi dongle. I'm not entirely sure but I seem to remember hearing about certain dongles that don't support AP mode.

It could be that. Maybe Sailoog can shed some light on your problem.

My suggestion... try another wifi dongle. Preferably one not too recent but with a couple of years to increase the chances of it working well with Linux/openplotter.
Thanks, I totally forgot to mention that it work previously in OP1. I did that by modifying hostapd files, dhcpcd configs and some other stuff I cannot remember, in turn making the network tool unusable. It is also very risky because I've lost functionality like sharing internet mode, dchp lease time issues, not very fun when in headless mode. So, I'll avoid manual configuration of an AP, and rather use the network tool.

Also, some time ago I found out about a nice piece of software I posted here:
In this software I could manage my network interfaces very easy, all worked with the current hardware. However, this software also "collides" with the network capabilities of openplotter.

Just to be sure I'll try another external wifi adapter, and will look for some documentation about my current dongle.

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