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Raspberry Pi single board alternatives
I have now been using openplotter for a couple of weeks on Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB version, for sail routing in Finland and Estonia, running o-chart vector charts on opencpn for both countries. Like some others have already reported, RPIO just does not seem to have enough gpu power to do the job on a screen resolution higher than 1024x768. But there are a plenty of single boards around, so I am wondering if someone would have tested alternatives to recommend? The list of potential candidates includes at least Orenge Pi 4B, odroid XU4, ASUS tinkerboard s and rock pi 4, all sporting some versions of Mali gpu
I have used rockpro and it's faster but not significantly faster than the pi4. I guess I don't mind 1366x768.. it's enough.

if you really want performance and don't care about power as much, the n5000 cpu is very fast and has intel graphics
Potentially the problem is for OpenCPN only.
If you have browser based apps you could let your display device do the heavy graphics job.
And in this case a Pi4 has more then enough power.
No or little lag in 1366x768 would be very nice. Upgraded to 64 bit yesterday evening, have to try again where’s the upper limit with that. But if running Rockpro does not really make a substantial difference, it does sound more of an opencpn issue. I guess I have to give AvNav a try Smile
AvNav should be easy to install on Op.
And you can use your ocharts that you have licensed for this system.
Do you have OpenGL enabled?
(2020-07-27, 08:05 PM)Sailoog Wrote: Do you have OpenGL enabled?

Yes, makes a rather small difference
I am thinking of ordering an Asus tinkerboard.
Even has built in eMMC, and you can use an SD.
Review vs. raspberry:
maybe it helps to assign 512mb or more to graphics on an pi4.

tis is easyly done in raspi-config or "pi configuration" in preferences.

but be shure to set it back on booting an pi3. could also be done later in /boot/config.txt.

happy summer
I assigned 384Mb to graphics and it really improved my performance. I'm using it now at 1600x1200 resolution on a 17 inch monitor and it is fine.

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