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[SOLVED] Raspberry 4 + moitessier hat / signalk -> opencpn: freeze
After a few hours, my configuration, (with  the latest updates) couldn't give me a FIX !
Using my "gold (old) SD" card, I made a new copy to SSD, and then I updated it as follows :
  1. Settings updated 2.5.0
  2. Documentaton updated 2.0.10
  3. OpenCPN installer updated 2.2.1 
  4. XyGrib 1.2.6-1  (unchanged)
  5. Signal K installer : 2.1.0 Not updated, as 2.3.0 replaces Signal K 1.26 with Signal K 1.35-2 which causes the absence of FIX !
  6. Dashboard updated 2.2.1
  7. Network (?) 2.1.4
  8. Serial 2.1.0 Not updated (to keep consistency with Signal K which was not updated neither)
  9. Then I updated openCPN to 5.2.4

And now, I got a configuration which works perfectly, giving me quick FIX (few sec.) at any launch, both with the old school (TCP) and newer (Signal K) connections !

I will not anticipate, and wait for a few hours to bet my life on that, but it seems that the impossibility for signal K 1.35-2 to access /dev/ttyOP_gnss (see previous screen shot) is the Gordian Knot !

EDiT 2 hours later : in facts, the simple update of Settings to 2.5.0 seems to prevent any FIX ! I had to roll back to settings 2.4.1

So my (working) configuration is Settings 2.4.1, Signal K installer 2.1.0, Signal K 1.26, Serial 2.1.0, Open CPN installer 2.2.1 and OpenCPN 5.2.0.
In that configuration both types of connections (TCP & Signal K) seem to work equally...
Didier B
Pi4, SSD USB3, OP 2.5.0, OpenCPN  5.2.4

I was browsing the web when I reached this video posted 3 months ago  by a radio ham operator : KMACK
If I understood clearly, the fact to activate an USB3.0 port resulted repeatedly  in the loss of GPS signals on his RPi4, so I wonder if this was not the cause of my almost passed week agony Huh Angry

I am using an USB3.0 SSD, and I had noted also the problem was not showing up, never, when using an SD card instead...

My GPS pucks has a rather thin cable (with no much shielding, may be none!) 2 m length, and it was located at around 90 cm of my Pi4. I first moved it to a longer distance(~ 1.8m).
I plugged the USB 3.0 disk in an USB 2.0 port, I did all updates (OP 2.5.0, OpenCPN 5.2.4), activated signal K connection, and, at each start-up, 


After a generous whiskey shot Tongue ,  I reconnected the USB Disk to an USB 3.0 port, to see what happens, so far so good...
Sailoog, you were right suspecting gps signal quality, but  the problem was not in the sky viewing, but in RF interference with the RPi4 own USB3 circuitry !
OK, that was probably the source of the issue, we can take for highly probable in Raspberry Pi4 than RF interference caused by the USB3.0 circuitry vicinity can corrupt the GPS signals, specially when the GPS, or its antenna (?), is close to the RPii4 ...
Didier B
Pi4, SSD USB3, OP 2.5.0, OpenCPN  5.2.4

Glad to read that!
closing this thread, re-open if necessary.
(2020-10-25, 11:08 PM)Didier B Wrote: I plugged the USB 3.0 disk in an USB 2.0 port, I did all updates (OP 2.5.0, OpenCPN 5.2.4), activated signal K connection
So, to stop using USB 3.0 is the only way way to avoid freeze? Should we continue to discuss this harware bug at RaspberryPI forum?
latest opencpn version should fix the jumping boat and the freeze issues. This USB 3.0 issue is about dab GPS reception due to interferences and should be fixed by raspberry devs or solved moving away the gps antenna from the raspberry.

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