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new opencpn and pypilot plugin
It seems several users have issues with the pypilot plugin on opencpn 5.2 (or later) so I would like to assist in getting it working...

The plugins in opencpn in the future are being repackaged so you can install them from within the program...   It seems like an improvement, but it's more broken than working at the moment from what I can tell.

The latest git of pypilot plugin is going to be for the latest git of pypilot...   I had to break the communication  format in the new version to make it more efficient and support future developments.   For example a training algorithm on a separate more powerful machine but this may not always be running.  likewise, a low power esp32 could potentially be used instead of the raspberry, while running compass calibration and other parts on openplotter which may not always be booted...    So if you are using the older stable pypilot you will need to checkout an earlier release, eg "git checkout 24505233f5ab71c5fcabca04e1522e2e2658971c"

The new plugin system for opencpn is meant to support multiple versions of the same plugin which will solve this but it is not actually implemented yet.
After reading this I’m not certain if I’m running the latest or the latest stable.
Maybe you could add some version #s to your post as an example of what you are meaning to say?
basically, if the pypilot plugin fails to connect to pypilot server the versions are not matched between pypilot and the pypilot plugin. I changed the port so this would be the case.
So then I must be running the latest stable plugin version as I’m not connecting to the tinypilot alpha img you just recently shared but it connects to the latest OP2 Pypilot app.
Is it possible to test both or swap between them for testing purposes. I still need a working AP when I’m fishing. But I’m interested in testing the new image as well.
in theory, with the next version of opencpn, yes, it will support multiple versions of the same plugin. I don't think this is in 5.2
Hi Sean,
OpenCPN 5.2 is an improvement in many respects - particularly the visibility of objects in ENCs. In my experience it is also better in its handling of core plug-ins - with the notable exceptions of the Autopilot and Pypilot plug-ins.

What is your recommendation for making Pypilot accessible in 5.2? At present I am confused by the various suggestions/instructions. I am running OpenCPN under Ubuntu if that's helpful - or indeed different.

However, I'm prepared to wait for the plug-in handling in 5.2 to mature and use 5.0 in the meantime since a viable interface between OpenCPN and my Pypilot hardware is more important than other improvements in 5.2...

Your recommendations?

Ted Coats
I'm going to try to dig into the plugin tonight.

Just to verify everything, I recompiled the pypilot plugin from source from git, and it worked with opencpn also compiled from git connected to pypilot 0.21 (from git as well)
Hi Sean
thanks for checking that. Is pypilot 0.21 the same as the alpha version of TinyPilot? Is 0.21 the one that get installed with OP2 settings app? Any reason to compile from git?
there are a few changes to git, and also the nmea processing is still broken and I haven't managed to push the fix yet.. I did fix it though.

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