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Some questions for pypilot

Sean, thank you for the explanation.

Does tinypilot echo the on TCP port 20220 incoming datastream?

I send now NMEA Data from opencpn (one pi) to tinypilot (other pi) via TCP port 20220.
Will tinypilot send the incoming messages back over this port (so getting a data loop)?

Display: With framebuffer you mean a fbtft definition?
I´ll try to dig into that stuff.


Install netcat-openbsd:
$ netcat 20220
I added tinypilot to the /etc/hosts but you can access the ip-adress directly, or if you use the pypilot SSID.
(above you see no winddata, while winddata is shared over nmea0183).

While netcat does not work with SignalK, it works with NMEA0183,.
pypilot does not send incoming tcp nmea messages. It does forward nmea it reads from nmea serial ports to tcp, but not the other way around, and not from tcp->tcp or serial->serial

fbtft should work if your display is supported. Try with hdmi screen first

Sean, thanks again for your explanation.


(2020-10-18, 05:44 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: There are 4 possible displays for the lcd:

1) nokia5110 on spi
2) jlx12864 on spi
3) framebuffer (you can install many drivers for displays yourself, or use hdmi display)
4) glut (works in x windows graphical display mostly for debugging)

The tack button knows which way to tack if you have wind sensors, otherwise it has to guess depending on last tack.   This could use some improvement, and there are also options to make "tack port" and "tack starboard" buttons.   Eventually the single tack button could take a hint from starboard and port buttons to help it tack the correct way.   Tacking is not very well testing on pypilot.

Hi Sean

So I replaced the MPU 9250 on the tiny pilot today (the old one would no longer hold a heading) and because the nokia screen that came with my tinypilot requires pressure on the front to display I decided to try and connect via hdmi 
I received some errors on the screen and it seems to eventually have loaded since I can connect to the webapp. I was hoping the hdmi screen would just display the webapp. Is that possible? I have a tiny 7" hdmi touch screen I would love to use as the main interface on my boat without having to rely on wifi.
it can't normally display the webapp because there is no browser. It's possible to make this work but it's not.

Instead you can display the lcd/menu but you woul have to modify the config file that runs pypilot_hat to specify the framebuffer as output instead of the nokia display.

after I found a dealer here who sold the Nokia-type displays for roundabout 3,5 € I decided to go the easy way and use this display instead of digging into the tinycore configuration stuff witch is totally new for me for connecting an other tft (witch I have to buy too).
So I bought two of them (if one is dead) and they come with 4 blue lamps and connected with 3,3V they are not so bright, so they are ok for the night I think.
Try to dim more with a pot in the next days.



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