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erratic wifi
OP2 with networking acting as a client to my home network and an access point in the boat

I have been experiencing erratic connection problems with OP2. Sometimes the Access point is visible and just will not accept connections. Sometimes it takes a very long time to cycle the wifi on and off to reset it. Once it drops connections I basically have to reboot the Rpi to get it back.

Often when I reboot the moiteisser hat doesn't connect to signalk but I will have wifi, other times the gps (mhat connects to signal k) works and I don't have wifi, and sometimes it all just works for awhile, then I come back to it and tiny pilot is disconnected and I cannot connect to openplotter AP with my phone. 

This is all fairly recent, since the last round of updates of networking,  signalk and openCPN, is anyone else experiencing problems like this?
New to this forum, not to linux variants.
Same story here. I don't have the HAT yet, but the wifi on my pi 4 model b (the 8GB variant) is bad with openplotter.

I have successfully created the hotspot, which partly works.
The wifi is always visible, but random devices just can't connect and fail with "Unable to join the network xxxxx".

The maximum amount of devices i managed to connect to the hotspot is 2 at one time but this is random. It can be 2 or 3 but i never managed to have more than 3 connected (and i would need around 10-ish).

I have the latest soft- and firmware.

Any hints would be appreciated.
I managed to work around the WiFi problem.

Usually when installing software, first thing you do is upgrade the whole thing. So when you run the firmware upgrade, it gets you into trouble with this chip.
This is true in October 2020, later versions to be confirmed.
The current drivers are extremely unstable, older ones are better.
You can get the old ones back (and keep them) using:

sudo dpkg --purge firmware-brcm80211
sudo dpkg --install firmware-brcm80211_20190114-1+rpt4_all.deb
sudo apt-mark hold firmware-brcm80211
sudo systemctl reboot

This solved it for me and i am happy surfing through the pi with 5 devices for longer than 6hrs already, while others join and leave the network (read: works as expected currently).
(2020-10-14, 12:01 PM)vanpupi Wrote: wget
forum software has truncated your link, doesn't work
(2020-10-14, 12:04 PM)PaddyB Wrote:
(2020-10-14, 12:01 PM)vanpupi Wrote: wget
forum software has truncated your link, doesn't work

I think this is the link above, can anyone confirm?
That links seems to work ok  Cool
I just deleted the Network app and I can see a big difference already just in how long it takes to boot and connect to wifi.
I will test to see how stable the PI is at staying connected to my home AP and TinyPilot at the same time.
Will update
So I left OP2 running connected to my home AP and my laptop via teamviewer over night and I never lost connection... using the network app I would have lost connection within an hour or less. Huge improvement
Also OP2 is still connected to TinyPilot... winning!

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