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another beta image release
Hi Sean,

I got it now. To place the file in the build folder to /usr/locale/lib/opencpn/ was the key.

After playing around with this I can confirm, that the invisible gain-setting issue (and the other invisible settings) seems to be corrected.

The build from source had no effect to the tacking function. Still not work as described before.
From pypilot plugin and enabled AP pressing the tack button in the plugin then the waiting time counts down then the AP just disengaged. Nothing more.

Is the tacking function programmed in the pypilot plugin or in the pypilot server?

I have not managed to work on tacking function for more than 1 year and it has not been a priority.

my list of things to work on is growing at least as fast as I can manage... I'm hoping tacking as well as a jibe function can be investigated in the next few weeks, but for now unfortunately, yes it's broken.

Sean, I understand your time problem, believe me.
I just want to report the result after I build the pypilot plugin from source for a raspberry pi with Buster and OpenCpn 5.2.4

I´ve now more problems with my IMU and to understand it. But this is an other theme.

Best regards

I would check your gyro output and ensure they are near zero when resting... Also ensure you can recalibrate the accelerometers and compass sensors. Ensure all 3 axes of each sensor is working. Once it works, rotating by 90 degrees should change the compass reading not worse than 80-100 degrees in all cases (usually very close to 90)
(2020-10-30, 04:03 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: I want to support much more in learning pilots and of course tacking and jibing, but it's taking a while.

Some interesting seemingly cutting edge ideas with regard to self-learning pilot here it sure made my brain buzz.

I´m using the tinypilot image with a RPi ZeroW witch is connected to an other RPi (3b+) via WiFi running OpenCPN with the pypilot plugin. 

Is it possible to use the pypilot_scope script or some of the other scripts? How?
I was not able to start the scripts on the Pi Zero (with ssh) ->faults and also I was not successful to try this on the Pi running OpenCPN (tried to install the python scripts as described in the readme but I also get faults -missing modules).

Best regards

you would want to run the pypilot_scope on the pi running opencpn, and may need to pass it the ip address of the tinypilot

If there are missing modules, you must install them, you could post your error messages from running pypilot_scope

It should explain what is needed in the pypilot/README file and how to install it, so if something is missing I would want to update it.
Hi Sean,

I have some understanding problems I think. Sorry.

Normally it´s ok and enough to run tinypilot with a pi zero and run OpenCPN with the pypilot plugin on an other pi for control and set the gains from OpenCPN.
Now I what to see if I got some more information or some more control or diagnostics tools and started to try the python scripts. For this I have to follow the install guide on GitHub I think?
Ok I´ll try to investigate this more and deeper. Maybe I made a fault or maybe I have to start some services first?

Best regards


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