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Wind sensor data directly to Open Plotter
I'm in the proces of creating my on-board computer.
I'd like to add wind information from sensor like "Raymarine Wireless Wind Transmitter" - T120.
But, I don't want to buy expensive T112 (Raymarine T112 Wireless Analog Wind Display).
Instead, I'd like to install only T112 and present data directly on plotter.
I have not found info about such possiblity - but, I'm new here so...
Was this problem already solved? If not - hope it's a good challange Smile
After a bit of searching, it looks like the Tack-Tic wireless stuff uses 868 or 916 Mhz. Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any commonly available RF devices that I can find that would work for that. Z-wave is the closest at 915 Mhz.

So, I'm thinking you may be out of luck on getting a straight interface to an OP system.
There is something like Mirco-Talk Wireless Gateway - by Raymarine
They say supported connection protocols are: SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 (via DeviceNet adaptor) Micronet (wireless)
It costs half of a single display (like T112), so I could have Raspberry for the cost difference.
Would it work? I mean: do you think I'd be able to read the data from this Micro-Talk Wireless Gateway?

It may not be that bad. I just found something like this:
The Newsteo radio receiver for PC : RF to USB key
There might be a chance to read the signal from wind sensor.
I'll keep digging Smile
Ok, looks lie transeiver is not a problem. There is a lot of them on a market.
The challange would be to understand the protocol (and probably other thing's I'm not aware of yet).
I've found something like this:
Interesting is what they say about it:
"RFPlayer can exploit unknown protocols through its "PARROT" function"
What do you think? Is there a chance to de-code the protocol?
I use 3d printed wind sensors, but these are not wireless. What is the purpose of wireless? I think the weight of the battery will be more than the wires going to it, and it is not going to be reliable in overcast weather
Raymarine T120 wireless sensor weight is only 230 g.
Wireless - I'm lazy Smile and don't want to worry about another hole(s) for the cable.
The distance is not big, 10, 15, 20 meters. And Raymarine is used in houndrends, if not thousands of yachts, so ...
There is another option:
Garmin gWind Wireless 2 - price is similar to Raymarine, but ! the protocol is ANT:
"ANT is a proprietary (but open access) multicast wireless sensor network technology designed and marketed by ANT Wireless (a division of Garmin Canada)."
350 g
So, we should be able to connect this sensor directly to OP Smile

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