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Problem after Signal K update geting Tinypilot connected
today i updated the latest signalk.
It is now 1.36.0
Now tinypilot is not able to establish signalk connection.
I see in the dashboard te ws.pypilot-3133xxxxx
coming up for 0.4 - 0.6  with a little yellow line but imediatly looses it.
If i deleete the device in security, i get a new device request. I accept it with read/write. And in the security
settings y have untaged the read only ...
also restarting signalk, rebooting the pi and the TP gave no success.
so i guess it is a problem with registering the device but i don,t understand much about signalk.

It is not a big thing as i can go back to a tcp connection.
But maybe someone can solve it.
Save sailing
moved to pypilot forum
I went back to signalk server version 1.35.2.
Here erverything is working fine.
Save sailing
Sean: what http endpoints does Pypilot use? Some of the server-specific ones (not under /signalk prefix) were moved under /skServer. We can add backwards compatibility so that they are accessible in the previous location, but would like to keep that to a minimum.
it uses zeroconf to find signalk with ServiceBrowser(zeroconf, "_http._tcp.local.", listener)

Then (from
r = requests.get('http://' + self.signalk_host_port + '/signalk')
contents = pyjson.loads(r.content)
self.signalk_ws_url = contents['endpoints']['v1']['signalk-ws'] + '?subscribe=none'

Does this answer the question of why it doesn't work? It would be great to fix this quickly, thanks for checking in here.
maybe also the information helps that I run OP as access point
and TP as client with the fix IP not DHCP.
Thanks - none of that is changed.

Anybody else having trouble with 1.36.0?
After above post I tried to connect with signalk 1.36.0.

I found a pypilot in the security settings.
I enabled it, but it did not work like in the OP's case
After, I removed the connection, there has been no new attempt te connect and I switched back to NMEA0183.

I'm not familiar with SignalK enough to know where to search for extra information.

From my point of view zeroconf is totally unreliable since I don't know how to trigger a request.
If I miss the automated request I can't find anything in the logfiles.
I do understand that main part of the problem is a lack in understanding of how it works from my side.
The offending message (below) indeed seems to be a new signalk construct; I cannot find it in the old signalk specs. It is this construct that knocks off pypilot; in an 'update', it expects a 'values' item, not a 'meta'. I'll check with the signalk forum whether these messages can be switched off or someting - will report back.

{'context': 'vessels.urn:mrn:signalk:uuid:d54ef29f-701a-443c-9c18-a7fb3d4e171f',
   [{'timestamp': '2020-12-29T18:22:48.949Z',
       [{'path': 'environment.wind.speedApparent',
            {'units': 'm/s',
             'description': 'Apparent wind speed'}}
I will debug... and also to fix pypilot to not crash no matter what signalk sends it... I pushed a simple change but I have not yet tried out the latest signalk server, so I hope it works with meta now as well as ignore signalk messages it can't understand.

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