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Adding More Widgets to SignalK Instrument Panel
We are slowly getting our LifePO4 battery bank commissioned aboard our boat, and I'm trying to finish up our DIY BMS by sending battery status info from the Arduino BMS via Canbus / NMEA2000 to a Raspeberry Pi that I plan to use as a central monitor for stuff.  

The Arduinos (one per 12v "battery" that consists of 4 cells) will be in the battery compartment, and the RPi will be on the nav station.  

I have played a little with the OpenPlotter SignalK Instrument Panel that comes bundled, and I am able to send the battery data from the Arduino Mega with a Seeedstudio Canbus Shield and the NMEA2000 library, and receive it on the Pi using a Dual Canbus Shield, and display it on the Instrument Panel. So I've gotten over a lot of technical hurdles so far. (and I haven't coded in 15 years!) But the "stock" Instrument Panel only comes with widgets for 3 batteries.  I want an instrument panel page that displays 9 "batteries"... the "bank" value as Battery 0, and batteries 1-8 as 8 individual cells (all of which the Arduinos are monitoring and sending to the Pi via NMEA2000).  

Has anyone tried to do anything like this (make more batteries on the OpenPlotter Instrument Panel)???  Or more instances of the same kind of widget than is configured??  

I am totally new to JSON, but I see the structure.  I thought I could maybe just export the Instrument Panel configuration to a local text file, edit the file (copying the widgets for battery 2, for example, to make more identical widgets for additional battery numbers), and then read the file back in.  I tried this, and got an error "An error occurred on load of settings".  It doesn't seem to be because I edited the file.  I even tried reading back in a file I saved that didn't have any modifications, and got the same error.  Is this a bug?

So, is it possible to do what I want to do in some way?
What is the correct way to go about it?  (I may be WAAAY off base with my approach)

Raspberry Pi 4 with OpenPlotter Noobs install, running SignalK Instrument Panel 0.16.1.

Thanks for any guidance you can supply.

Try KIP - should do what you want.

[Image: X1w004X.png]
There is no ’stock’ configuration for IP: it creates gauges dynamically based on what data it sees in the system. So all you should need to do is send data for your cells as they were individual batteries.

As N2K data does not allow you to have human oriented ids for the batteries you can use pathmapper plugin to map numeric ids to labels like houseCell1.

There is no way to automatically group the cells to a bank, but I’d think you can create a reasonable setup by resizing and organising the gauges.

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