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Most basic Q: installing - NUC w/ Mint
I installed OP on a RPI a few years ago, but now have a new NUC 10i7 as the boat computer running lunux mint. I am a NOOBey on linux, so I am handicapped from the getgo. I have installed the "settings 2.5.0", but how to get all packages installed is lost in the documentation or lack of. Some of the forum advice points to documentation on gitbook which only opens gitbook home page. I created an account, but still link only opens home page. Documentation is blank for packages on OPlotter. No joy.
In settings, all package candidates are listed on only settings is installed.
INSTALL only lists command options.
ADD SOURCES says all sources good
What do i need to install packages?
Do I need to follow the basic instructions to install image or noob on a SD card and boot from it?
The advanced seem to say all can be done from SETTINGS install. There may be a thread on this, but I didn't find it.

Openplotter does work on a PC.
(2020-11-19, 11:01 PM)e-sailing Wrote: Openplotter does work on a PC.

Thanks for youtube link, but he fly's through the steps. Also it is windows PC centric and I am using linux mint. The RUFUS bootable USB tool is windows only. I will look for linux tool and go from there. But..anyone have steps for getting SETTINGS to see source files in a linux environment?
after adding sources click on "update candidates". what happens?
Adding sources is a mystery. It doesn't ask for any directory. I assume it works on the settings.deb.  Update candidate as well as "install all from available updates" just shows syntax usage for apt: "Usage: apt command [options]".
you are right, there is something strange. I have just tried to install any app from openplotter-settings and you get that apt command help. I am using Linux Mint Ulyana that is based on Ubuntu Focal and only works in Ubuntu Focal, investigating...
damn now i have to get a second atomicpi to play with.Smile i am using one for a plex server with ubuntu 20.04. it only has 2Gb ram though. i still like it for the price.
i think i can add a pi zero as a USB Gadget for easier gpio access
i had problems installing apps too, on it. thats why it became a plex server.
les noble i just use "disks" on linux and restore image to a usb drive and install from it instead of rufus.. if you have a problem with mbr use gparted to create a partition table on the usb first and format to fat32.
mare liberum
Done. Fixed in v2.6.2-stable.
Before testing the new version run this in a terminal to remove old sources:

sudo rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openplotter.list

Then install openplotter-settings as usual:

And finally click on "add sources" and "update candidates"

Tested on Linux Mint Ulyana
I'll test with the atomic pi + raspian x86
mare liberum
That worked! I am able to get Signal K and dashboards to open in something other than Settings. I only see "OpenCPN Installer" and see no way to just open/launch CPN. Documentation doesn't help. I am assuming there would be an "OpenCPN" menu item.
Are the forum groups the only spot to get guidance for a newbie like myself?

Thanks for your help!

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