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A ready build pypilot

I found the time to write a guide and I uploaded all needed informations and software on github.

The guide: Guide pypilot

Look on github at: github

I tried to separate the informations, so I made some different repositories. Every repo comes with a readme with the needed informations.


Best regards

I noticed you have files for with or without rudder feedback. If rudder feedback is enabled in software but not needed, it can be connected to GND and it should disable it, so you could use the binary with rudder feedback. It depends on the hardware, but since my controllers (besides new high power version) use the 1v1 reference the rudder feedback gets divided and pulled down so if not connected it falls the GND. In other or custom hardware this may not be the case, so as you found, it's easy to disable by recompiling the motor controller sketch.

Also, you state that "normally the position sensors of the compass are factory calibrated" this is not quite accurate.

This true only for the accelerometer of the mpu9255, but it is not always true. Sometimes the mpu9255 accelerometer must be calibrated! This is maybe 20% of the sensors I received, and another 10% are actually defective, the rest don't need to calibrate the accelerometers.

The compass sensors always must be calibrated once mounted in the boat. This is pretty much true of any magnetic sensors.
Hi Sean,

thank you for reading the guide and for your hints.

I changed the guide and uploaded a new version witch contains your hints for the compass calibration.

I tried to make thinks as easy as possible for people how are not interested in writing code for Arduinos.
So I decided to upload two versions of the binary files.

You are right, it´s possible to use the version with rudder angle sensor when such a sensor is not mounted when just connect the Arduino Input to ground.
I write a hint in the guide for this too.

Today I uploaded a new version for the guide.

Thanks and best regards 


I updated the guide and upload it on github. I added a hint for the rudder angle sensor.

This is the best pypilot implementation i've seen so far! Do you have the gerber file and bill of materials for this? 


@MiikkaSa: I wrote a PM

Best regards


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