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ESP32 E-ink wifi display
(2021-01-19, 01:33 AM)mhember Wrote: Very cool!  I've done a similar thing with a pi one and a smaller ESP display, but I think your solution looks more developed and almost certainly uses less power.

I've tried to side / backlight my display (it is a 'by our bed, confidence at anchor' display) and it changes what is displayed depending on what the nav state of the boat is in, either with SOG or distance from anchor.  I use the wind averaging plugin to provide average wind, and the anchor alarm functions to set state and then provide 'distance from anchor'.  Had it in mind to provide alternative states but not got to that yet with the code.

The pi and display are mounted in a perspex 'horseshoe' in this nice wooden case that Hazel made, with a small LED that I tried to position to get light properly on to the display - does not really work I think the angle is wrong.

I'm using HTTP requests to get data from the server which I don't think is great - but skills not up to handling a websocket I'm afraid.

Thanks for the info and sharing code - I may well try and do more.  I hope my terrible code provides some thoughts!  One thing that has changes since this photograph was taken is that it now converts the wind direction to a text / compass rose (eg NNW etc) as this is easier to take in when tired but I don't have a photo of that (also mounted on our new boat now).

Wow this looks nice in this wooden case !
Power consumption is realy important for my use, my project should be able to use a lot less power, I have ordered different board to test, will update the github repository when I succed. 

The main issue for power consumption is that I need to update every 2s or so for comfortable use.  

For a anchor monitor display an update every 10s or even more should be sufficient, you could be looking at an average power consumption of a few 1/100 W... looks realy interesting, I'll have to build more sensors to be able to use it myself   Smile

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