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lircd problems on tinypilot 0.24
Hi, I am having problems installing my IR remote control with Tinypilot version 0.24. Everything was going well with version 0.12 which I decided to update with the latest version following a compass stabilization problem. The compass heading is quite stable with this version, but I cannot get my remote to work correctly. It seems that this new version brings an update to lircd. The command 'sudo mode2 -d / dev / lirc0' had to be replaced by 'sudo mode2 --driver default --device / dev / lirc0' to work. the 'irw' command gives me an error like 'Cannot connect to socket / usr / local / var / run / lirc / lircd: No such file or directory'. I set up my remote with 'irrecord -d / dev / lirc0 test.conf', then adding the result to /etc/lircd.conf, I can't have a working remote.
An idea?

Are you using a custom remote?

irw should work. Perhaps you have killed lircd from programming it? The tinypilot 0.24 image certainly supports lircd remote reception.

You also may need to edit ~/.lircrc file depending on how you assigned the raw codes.

My new hardware supports IR decoding by either raspberry pi, or the onboard avr (basically arduino mini). So this is an option to not use lirc an and you don't need special programming with irrecord, only assign the code it receives from the web site. Not sure what tinypilot hardware you have.
Thank you Sean for your answer,
I am using a tv remote which I am trying to configure with irrecord. Everything goes well during the procedure, but after adding the contents of test.conf to the /etc/lircd.conf file, the remote control does not work (although the same procedure works with version 0.12).
I am running this version (10/27/2020) on a Chinese nano arduino.
I checked the ~ / .lircrc file and everything seems to be in place; When doing a 'sudo sv status licd', the response is' run: lircd: (pid 1862) 1149s, normally down; run: log: (pid 569) 1189s'
So much for the info, I'm still looking for the solution
Happy new year to you
it seems strange that it worked in 0.12

I did have to recompile everything for the new version though. I would figure out how to get irw working.
it looks like the irw command is trying to connect to / usr / local / var / run / lirc / lircd. Going up the tree, I see that the 'lirc' folder is empty (does not contain lircd): could this be the reason why 'irw' does not work?
otherwise, 'sudo mode2 -d / dev / lirc0' doesn't work either, but you can work around it by doing 'sudo mode2 --driver default --device / dev / lirc0'.
In my research, it seems that a modification of lirc_options.conf (by changing 'driver = devinput' to 'driver = default' might fix the problem, but I am unable to modify this file in / usr / local / etc /lirc/lirc_options.conf (read-only !!)
An idea? Idea
Does it work if lirc_options.conf is available in /etc?
Then you could add /etc/lirc_options.conf to /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/mydata.tgz

According to that should be the default behaviour.

Otherwise you'll have to unpack the lirc.tcz package witth unsquasfs en repack with mksquashfs (and don't forget the md5sum). But that is rather a hassle.
I'm wondering if the lirc socket is actually in /tmp somewhere. Can you "find /tmp | grep lirc"

Sorry, I found lirc to be a big pain which is why I support using the arduino to decode now which requires no special programming

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