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PyPilot and openCPN 5.2. The SignalK HDM message does not show a heading predictor.
Hi all,

With the new season rapidly approaching i thought I would update my Openplotter to v2.

As i was preparing the installation an my desk i noticed that the HDM message from signalK is shown in openCPN but that it does not generate a heading predictor on the map. True heading is nevertheless calculated from the HDM and the World Magnetic Variation plugin.

Investigating further i found that when I configure pyPilot as autopilot (not compass only) the messages are as NMEA0183 forwarded to TCP port 20220. If i make a TCP connection in openCPN the heading predictor is shown.

Am i doing it all wrong? Is there a better way to generate the NMEA0183 messages for openCPN?


This way works, and it should also work via signalk if you grant pypilot write permissions.
Hi Seandepagnier,

"This way works" What are you actually refering to?

1. If PyPilot is configured compass only, signalK messages are indeed forwarded and read by OpenCPN, but there is no heading predictor shown on the map in OpenCPN. The OpenCPN manual clearly states that "if the NMEA message HDT is present a heading predictor is shown. If HDT is not present and WMV plugin is enabled the HDT is calculated from HDM (if available)" However The NMEA messages aren't present when PyPilot is "compass only". SignalK's HDT & HDM are shown in a dashboard but there is no heading predictor.

2. If Pypilot is set to autopilot i get the heading predictor and the NMEA messages but no signalK delta's for pitch, roll and heading.

Which of both method's is preferred? And How can I forward NMEA0183 messages from SignalK delta's?

Kind regards,
my guess is that in compass only mode the older translation to signalk is being used, and in autopilot mode, the nmea0183 is being used, but in either case pypilot is not directly talking to signalk

It's impossible to know without looking at the log file.

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