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Rudder position hall sensor recommendation
I've been experimenting most of today trying to get my rudder position sensor to work.  I have been trying with a SS49E linear Hall sensor I had ordered from amazon, but could never get a properly working calibration. 

I've got a hydraulic piston and I had the sensor mounted to the body of the piston, and my most powerful magnet (1" x 1/4",  strong enough to pick up a mostly full 1lb Propane bottle) mounted to the head of the piston that attaches to the rudder.  Upon hooking up my volt meter to the output of the hall sensor, it seems the hall sensor I have only picks up travel within about an inch of it, and the piston I have has about a 5 inch travel. 

Can anyone recommend a better performing hall sensor than the one I have that would be able to sense a magnet at about 5 Inches distance?  or is there a better way of setting this up?

After a little more testing with the hall sensor I have in a more accessible place, when no magnet in range it always reads ~2.57V, if I bring a magnet orientated so one pole is facing and almost touching the sensor the voltage will go up to ~3.7V, flip it to the other pole and it will fall to ~1.5v. It only seems to sense the magnet and change voltage within about 1 inch or less from the sensor. Not sure which pole is north or south as not marked on the magnet.
generally you can use an angular hall sensor rather than linear for this. This is what my 3d printed rudder feedback uses.
(2021-04-28, 03:29 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: generally you can use an angular hall sensor rather than linear for this.   This is what my 3d printed rudder feedback uses.

Any chance you could give me a part number to search for of one that would work well with your motor controller with the 3 wires off the rudder feedback connection?  

I really don't want to order the wrong type again, and after looking through a few of the google results for angular hall sensor I really didn't see any that had just a 3 wire connection that would be suitable to work with your motor controller.

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