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Pypilot vs Tinypilot interface
Actually, using openplotter pypilot clients for a remote tinypilot seems to work quite fine!
(2021-04-30, 08:46 PM)ironman Wrote: Actually, using openplotter pypilot clients for a remote tinypilot seems to work quite fine!

Mine seems to need that config file you mentioned.  It's not there (that's presumably why it says so when I run it in the console).
Now, if there are no functional differences between running openplotter-pypilot vs pypilot_control x.x.x.x , then I'll just create a shortcut/link to to the command pypilot_control x.x.x.x and not worry about it. (and remove the shortcut in openplotter menu to pypilot.
If it is not there, it is created the first time you run pypilot_client -s x.x.x.x

If you want to create it manually, this is how it looks like:

pi@openplotter:~ $ cat /home/pi/.pypilot/pypilot_client.conf

I'd say no functional difference, but my intuition tells me one centralized config file is better than multiple hardcoded scripts. Of course you are free to document the location of the config file in your script in case you forget :-D
Actually yes the file is there and settings are correct. But openplotter-pypilot shows 'no settings file found'.... and defaults to the local install of pypilot. Maybe that's what Sean is saying doesn't work. Either way, the work around is good (invoking pypilot_control x.x.x.x) through a shortcut, using the web app, or as a plugin to opencpn.
I think the openplotter link may explicitly invoke the control script with localhost as it is intended pypilot is used from openplotter... Otherwise someone would have the opposite problem you have, once using it remotely an wondering why the script doesn't work locally.

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