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A place to share dashboards
Hello everyone,

In the "How I did it" section, youtube videos, etc, i see a number of fancy dashboards that I find myself totally unable to reproduce. I know each boat/sailor has its specific needs, but being able to use someone else's KIP/InstrumentPanel/whatever new dashboard engine settings and build from there is much easier for newbies like me than building from scratch. 

This might seem silly, but in my experience when you land here, it already requires a lot of effort to get OP well configured, devices connected and actually transmitting data back and forth, and when you have everything perfectly working in this "dev environment" and want to finally use it for "real life" sailing, you end up with a messed up, poorly  thought, inconsistently designed dashboard. And you start going through all those How I did it threads, youtube videos again, trying to mimic what you like, and this can be very frustrating.

Maybe this only happens to me, or maybe this already exist and I don't know it, but if that nots the case, the solution could be

1) A highlighted thread on this forum, with a post template to make sure every one include basic information as which dashboard engine it uses, some screenshots, and the config files to import.

2) A repo on github (might push away peolple with great design skill but that doesn't know how to use git)

3) Dedicated website 

Let me know your thoughts! If we decide this is a good idea, and want to go for the dedicated website, I  could handle the development and possibly the hosting too.
could be good idea to have a very basic kip dash with wind etc though every boat and everyone's preferences are so different might be difficult to have something even one person would agree with ?, kip already has a demo to get you started.
I might have explained myself quite poorly, because my point was precisely the opposite  Big Grin

Is not about having a "ready to use" dashboard. As you say, it's impossible to suite everyone's needs.

The goal would be to share a lot of examples, so other users can pick what they want, potentially improving or modifying it.

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