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BME280 > SignalK no data/gauges
(2022-03-10, 08:16 AM)schrammie Wrote: hi jay,


Ic2 was/is enable as well as 1-wire.

Good news, the new sensor (bmp280) is working fine. No issues at all, see foto's. I don't have humidity but thats for me not important (would be nice, not have to have).

In totaly the project is looking like this:

Raspberry pi 4 8 gb (second hand because new it's not availble)
1-wire with 2 sensors for temp outside and reserve
ic2 with bmp280 and gy91 [inside, pressure and roll, till, compass (bme280 on the GY-91 thats all the story above about)]
Screen AOC 16T2 16 inch touchscreen (be aware the screen needs about 2,5 amp on 5 volts and the raspberry gives only 0,9 amps so you needs 3 wires, 1 power (different 2,5 amp usb socket) 1 touchscreen wire (usb3.0) to raspberry and 1 Micro HDMI to Micro-HDMI and that i could not find. I build in the raspberry behind a cupboard and have now 3 sockets for the screen, 1 HDMI, and 2 USB 3.0.
1 RTL-SDR dongle with mini whip for NAVTEX and weatherfax and SSB-receiver

Arduino to the nmea 2000 with sensors for fueltank watertank rpm etc not finished totaly

See some pictures, its not finished yet but you get a impression.

@ Jay Thanks a lot again.



Glad it is working.  Pictures look great.  Big Grin
(2021-08-30, 01:03 AM)Jay_cd33 Wrote: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin 
So I figured out the problem with not getting BME280 sensor data into SignalK described in my previous posts.

It turns out Adafruit has updated their BME280 python library used in the openplotter i2c app to read sensor data. So new installs download the updated library which breaks the openplotte i2c read app.  The openplotterI2cRead app runs as a service, reads the sensor data and sends it to signalk.  The problem is that the library import in is not compatible with the new library.   So the openplotter i2c app sets up the bme280 sensor correctly and configures signalk with a good connection but no data is sent to that connection by the openplotterI2cRead app.

So Sailoog needs to correct the BME280 library import call in a future release.   For those that are willing to hack the changes necessary to make it work here is what I did...

In the directory;
The file needs to be edited. (sudo needed to edit file),

Change line 44 (in the BME280 section)
        import adafruit_bme280

        from adafruit_bme280 import basic as adafruit_bme280

(be aware the from is preceeded by 2 tabs not spaces).

After saving these changes, either restart the openplotter-i2c-read.service or reboot.

That fixed the problem for me.   I hope this helps others.  
I'm not a coder so Sailoog will probably have a proper fix in a future release.

I submitted a PR#6 on Jan. 29 but alas, it has not been reviewed/merged yet!  Thanks for your problem solving!
Sorry for that CaptIgmu, really busy with openplotter 3. I2C app will be completely rewritten in op3 and that is why we have to decide where we invest efforts.
I have the same issue. same Pi, same pican-m, one years later version of openplotter. Differences is I bought a bosch bme280 from Contacted skpang, and their setup is made for a sparkfun bme280 sensor, and cut a bridge and resolder to get a 0x76 address. Cannot see a similar layout on the bosch. Have wrote them for technical assistance, hopefully they might get a reply from the manufacturer. wished companies would say what senors they used. skpang link below.

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