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AIS issue
Hi everyone
I am setting up open plotter v.2 in my Rpi 3+.All was fine with open CPN  and Pypilot .But when I went for AIS following " reads the docs" fails.
I want to receive data with a RTL2832u usb device.
I calibrate it rigorously and obtain 52 ppm.I get a antenna calibrated to 162 Mhz  and proved it in  laptop with window 7, using Open CPN plugin and rtl_ais program, and works fine.
But when I go back to the Rpi and follow the steps, the conection in signal K exits(UDP:10110),the conection in Open CPN exits(SignalK:3000) ,in SDR VHF process AIS is in green,  active , running, but I can´t see anything in Open CPN.
I can´t found where the mistake is , can you help me?
Thanks in advance
I do know the data from vessels isn't always consistent, and I from time to time I have had to wait 5-10 minutes before I have picked up any vessels, this is especially true when vessels are at anchor.  If you feel the problem is with OpenCPN then open up your browser and try http://localhost:3000/@signalk/freeboard-sk/  I can see vessels here so if you have vessels in freeboard but you don't see any in OpenCPN you know where to try next. 

I don't know what your using for an antenna but from my experience with my own SDR the antenna and cable was the most important piece of the kit after the receiver, I went from getting one vessel 200 metres away to getting dozens up to 40 Nm with a good antenna. 

Good luck
Thanks for your reply.I have a slim Jim antenna calibrated for 162 MH.I will try with the browser.

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