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10 inch touch displays?
It seems like every week I do another Google search for a 10 inch touch display that would be compatible with RPI / Openplotter.

Everything I find seems to have some show-stopper flaw that I just can't live with. There are a couple that look okay, but would require some sort of boat-proof case be constructed, as they are clearly not designed for a marine environment. Original prices run in the $120 range, plus whatever I spend to get it mounted properly:
Eleduino 10.1 " 1280800 Raspberry Pi IPS Touchscreen Display LCD HDMI Input With Case and Stand

Waveshare Raspberry Pi 10.1inch HDMI LCD Capacitive Touch Screen with Case for Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 - Black

Another that looks interesting, albeit more expensive, is:
Lilliput Fa1000-np/c/t 9.7" 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen Monitor with Hdmi, Dvi, VGA & Av Input By Viviteq INC

This one is a resistive touch screen, they have a capacitive touch version for about $40 more.

None of these would support multi-touch, I suspect. As far as I know, the only display that supports multi-touch is the 7" display from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

So, I'd like to hear from the community:

- Are you using a dedicated display? If so, what is it?
- Do you use touch? How is it working for you?
- Is a 10" display really that much better, or can I get by with a 7" display?
- Should I just continue to use my VNC/headless arrangement?
I have a 24 inch TV for the salon that swivels 90 degrees to serve as a nav table monitor. My Openplotter HDMI plugs into that. I changed the hotplug settings on the pi so that the monitor can be off on boot and still be turned on later, so that I can use it headless.

At the helm I have an old, small Garmin chartplotter. I am in the process of reconfiguring the helm: I moved the shelf it sits on to the far side of the pedestal guard, so that the device peers over the top, and can be rotated forward so that my crew can see the speed and depth etc. This gives me more room in the front to mount tablets and phones. Node Red Dashboard in a browser, VNC, and native apps on Android/iPhone will all see some use. I have not yet used VNC to Openplotter on a touchscreen.

Apple, Samsung and others have begun making their devices more water resistant and brighter for sunlight reading. I just believe we're likely to have more options in the future for tablets than for fixed displays.

10 or 8 or 7 inches: depends upon your preferences and your mounting space.

Just my thoughts. Subject to change!

By the way, this is a good source for evaluating the brightness of a mobile display:
Some of the old chartplotters support video input.  I'm going to try taking video from a pi (via adaptor) to my old Raymarine.  With a wireless touchpad/keyboard it might be a solution for me.

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