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Sharing, node red, etc.
I wish there were more posts on the brag board. My own configuration seems never complete so I never feel ready to write it up, and I'm not the craftsman that some are, but I think that's a mistake and will try to put something together soon even if it is not really something to "Brag" about. As I make improvements I will update it. 

I suspect most of us will have something unique in how we approach our hardware and software configuration that will benefit others, and even if someone's work is a total disaster, sharing it provides an opportunity for others to comment and show a better way.

Learning node red has brought some of my excitement back for Openplotter. It really gets the mind spinning. I have found recipes how to use those Steel Series instruments.

Also Chart.js, and of course several weather apis have nodes.  I see some discussion of using HDMI CEC in a flow to turn displays on and off. I see some NMEA and Signalk stuff posted by eggersd in the Node Red Library

What is the best place to share flows in this forum? 

Node Red won't load in the browser on my Openplotter pi, so  tinkering has been general learning so far. I will update Openplotter from github before I worry about fixing that.

Seems like we need to get the word out, new people aren't discovering Openplotter at a very high pace like they were (judging by forum posts at leasts). We need to get videos of our configurations on youtube, with tags of nmea, openplotter, signalk, etc. This would give Sailoog some material to share on social feeds, other forums, etc.
I think there should be a separate directory on the forum for node-red flows and examples.
Sailoog, do you think this is possible?
Has anyone already implemented a "calibration" function for roll/pitch in the n-r dashboard?
Any chance sharing he info here? - thanks!

PS: In absents of the dedicated n-r category as requested above suggest we use the bragboard - agreed?
(2017-03-29, 11:45 PM)henker Wrote: I think there should be a separate directory on the forum for node-red flows and examples.
Sailoog, do you think this is possible?

Hey guys,

I had overlooked this suggestion.  I think it's great and have just created a new category for Node Red.  Keep up the great work!!!


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