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New Py Zero 2 W is Out!
Ordered!!  Cool
Wonder what the power consumption is?
I was running signalk on a zero for a while which worked OK but no desktop which was limiting, on a Pi2 now. Zero 2 sounds like it might be good for the job .
"New Py Zero 2 W is Out!" you must mean "New Py Zero 2 W is out of stock"
I cannot actually order it, and even obtaining quantities of the regular pi zero is still difficult.

it looks like a good candidate for pypilot as I had anticipated this in advance. pypilot uses multiple processes already so is well prepared to utilize multiple cores although it currently has enough cpu on the single core, the machine learning pilots will certainly benefit.

I also expect boot time to be significantly faster.
Yes Sean, same here for the regular zero I have only 20pcs left and searching for weeks now to find new stock.
The Zero 2 I ordered one piece at kiwi electronics yesterday, I should get it today. My regular provider for quantities is expecting stock at 8 November I hope I can get some.

 Your expected features make me very happy!
The biggest concern with the pi zero w 2 is it probably has a slightly higher power consumption. This will add up though over time perhaps 1 or up to 2 Ah per day. I will look into sleeping cores in standby etc.
Fortunately in The Netherlands the Zero 2 was available, but I can't seem to get it booted on the tinypilot image. I have written the image to disk 6 different times now, from different computers with different apps, but the Zero 2 doesn't boot. I came to the point of sending the Zero back, but then I tried a raspi-os image, which works fine, and I tried the tinypilot-image on a R3B, which works fine too. Just the combination tinypilot - Zero 2 doesn't work.
It is not yet supported by tinycore linux:
New Pi zero 2 w just turned up, looking good so far.
Openplotter headless installed, still blank, usb power meter says about 110mA idle with vnc running, 0.200mA booting chromium on the Pi @5.1v. Which anything other than a Pi4 struggles with.
So looking very good so far, will set up and have a better look later but could be a winner! VNC seems fast enough to be usable.
up and running, so previously....

[Image: ccgyNY5.png]

Plot on the left is the old Pi zero and on the right is a Pi2.

So about 3.2w for the old zero & 6.7w for the Pi2

Influx not set up yet, but sigK shows round 3.3w for the new Pi zero.

Though those figures include an Esp32, hifiberry audio amp, usb gps & couple of usb/serial adaptors. And no wifi dongle on the new zero yet and not much running , but looks promising!! ?

Old zero maxed out quite a lot of the time
[Image: 4Iebhmr.png]
Tinycore Linux 3.1.0 is out, which supports the zero 2.

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