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New Py Zero 2 W is Out!
Does the motor work? It appears it is not working and constantly probing it.
Yes it does but in a shocking motion and when I +10 and later -10 it doesn't come back exactly to its previous extension.
I think there is something wrong with your motor controller or the data connection to it.
I am using a Zero 2, and I only recently tried to zeroconf it to signalk (I use nmea0183 at the moment). When I check (running I get the following error:

signalk probe...
signalk could not import requests No module named 'urllib3'
try 'sudo apt install python3-requests' or 'pip3 install requests'

It looks like the modules are there, but they simply don't work. It's not a major issue, but it is strange nonetheless.

What do you get if you run python3 then
>>> import requests
You need to load some tinycore extensions first: tce-load -i python3.8-urllib3 python3.8-chardet python3.8-certifi python3.8-idna

After that it should work. If you want those to be persistent add them to /opt/ and run -b

Not sure these should be loaded by default, in order to make zeroconf working, because I don't use it myself...
I have too many things to fix and after years of this I slow down.
I didn't fully test all the functions on the tinycore13 image yet, sorry.. it may be zeroconf/signalk is not working fully?
That's why we need more testers and more feedback.

@Hans: if you are able to test zeroconf and signalk in your setup, try the above and if it works, I'll be happy to build a new tinycore13 image !
Hi Stelian,

Sorry for the humonguous delay, I had no power on my boat anymore, so I had to buy new batteries.

The zeroconf actually works as you described, so everything works right now. If you are going to build a new tinycore13 image, don't forget to add the usb connector.

Thanks (again) and kind regards,
Hi hans-martijn,

Thanks for the confirmation. I may release a new version in the upcoming weeks, unless Sean beats me to it.

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