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JLCPCB now do 3d printing
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So now get a board made with senors already soldered on and headers for esp32/Pi and a lovely case to put it all in ?

Though a world shortage  of chips means hard to do right now, JLCPCB can't get any ADS1115 voltage sensors to solder on to your boards! 

Would be nice to have some sort of place for us to save working  jlcpcb projects - care to share anyone? 

Mine ?
WOW PaddyB your project looks great!

We have been working on a new project also based on ESP32 and I can see some smart ideas in your board that we can use in the future. I will publish the source of this new project soon and maybe something can help yours too.

We are about to start a new stage in OpenMarine/OpenPlotter with the next OpenPlotter version, new OpenMarine projects, etc. Techstyle asked some time ago for an open place in OpenMarine to share open-source projects to make them more visible to the world and I think this is the best time to do that.

To keep OpenPlotter alive we have set some resources in OpenMarine like this forum, a fast cloud for file sharing (OP downloads), some remote servers, the shop... these resources are mostly paid by donations of OpenPlotter users and when this is not enough we use the shop's revenue. So it is fair enough that we open these resources and infrastructure for free to be used by anyone doing marine open-source stuff.

A good start could be re-writing the main page to add some kind of wiki or CMS for self-edition.

Just like but more focused on offering free tools and a working environment to help any 100% open source maritime project.

Your thoughts?
Hi Sailoog, thanks for the compliment, I've also got a signalk fridge! ? Soon to display live bitcoin price - maybe a step too far for a fridge ?

Wiki sounds like it could be good for more openplotter/signalk based designs. Next here is looking at a arduino based nea0183 multiplexor for the nmea0183 streams I have which aren't so time critical, like victron battery/solar regulator info, probably using rj45 cables with little break out boxes to tidy up the wiring, if jlcpcb can solder rj45 sockets & print the cases it could be xmas come early ?
I can not imagine living without a fridge displaying the price of bitcoin, obviously a "must have".

jlcpcb can solder rj45 and rj11.

A month ago we had some ADS1115 soldered in some MacArthur HAT prototypes from pcbway maybe they have some left.
(2021-11-07, 12:28 PM)Sailoog Wrote: I can not imagine living without a fridge displaying the price of bitcoin, obviously a "must have".

Think the esp32  bitcoin  price calibration might be a bit out......... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: q4llfH0.jpg]
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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