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RPi4 not talking to arduino motor driver
The plugin (not 'shortcut') that comes with OpenCPN does not talk anymore to the old 0.16 pypilot; if only for that, you need to upgrade pypilot. See, last two bullet points.
Okay thank you. I have done the upgrade and everthing seems to work, except for the web interface on, I get a 404 not found error.

I ran systemctl status pypilot_web.service and there is an ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/pypilot_web 8080 (code=exited, status=-1/FAILURE) error. If I do a cat pypilot... on any of the files in /usr/local/bin/pypilot... they all seem to still be v0.16. On the instruction for the upgrade it starts with a "cd" but it doen't say cd to where. The upgrade seemed to happen okay and obviously openCPN is seeing the later version pypilot but why are there still v0.16 files after the rm -Rf pypilot pypilot_data?

I just found your pypilot workbook, great work Ironman! This has answered a heap of questions.

Sorry to keep asking questions you guys have probably heard a hundred times!
Well done! The cd with no arguments brings you to your home directory, as to always start off at the same starting point.

The rm mentioned only removes any leftover source files (under your home directory) from previous installations, not old executables. What should replace any executables is the install script, but that might leave some rubblish behind at its own discretion. What you say is a bit suspect, though. You did run the install with sudo, didn't you? You can rerun the install if you did not. In the past it had to be run twice anyway. Capture the output to start a good habit ;-)

To troubleshoot pypilot_web, run it at the prompt and examine the output. Note that, from the prompt, it runs off :8000 instead of :8080. You might also try the external adapter's ip address instead, e.g. or

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