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How about a satellite IoT solution tied to OpenPlotter?
(2022-01-12, 08:45 PM)emilecantin Wrote: The first one (satellite tracking) could reasonably compete with existing solutions in that space like the InReach and the SPOT. One aspect of these commercial solutions is the immediacy at which they can sent out "SMS" signals, which I think will be hard to replicate without a full "shell" of satellites.

I assume what you have in mind is just one satellite in a polar sun-synchronous orbit, right? That orbit passes over the whole earth twice every day, so it's a good choice to give intermittent but global coverage with only one sat. Bonus point is that higher latitudes get better coverage, which I think is good for these people who venture off the beaten path.

Anyway, I think 200$/200$ is a darn good price-point for that kind of global telemetry.

One concern is that this will _have_ to go through a centralized entity (even if non-profit), unless you want to launch your own sat.

Regarding the dinghy locator idea, why not just re-package a MAIANA? That way other ships don't run you over in your dinghy.

Actually, the constellation that I'm thinking of is already in place and I'm currently DXing with. It's not fully built out yet, so I see 5-6 hour gaps on occasion, but I am very confident that by Q4 of this year it will be complete since someone with deep pockets just bought it last year. And, yes, they will only deal with a commercial entity (which I have).

You're right, LOE cube sats cannot offer real-time service, but this isn't strictly necessary. AFAIK, all those devices you mentioned require explicit operation to share your location. This would do it automatically, several times per day, and get back weather forecasts in response. And, unlike AIS, it is secure and private so you won't have to worry about pirates spotting you Smile

Besides a dedicated tracking page for family and friends, I'm also thinking of a dedicated, 24x7 phone number that will answer that phone call you hope is never going to be made ... the one following your EPIRB activation. I don't know if you're aware of this, but at least for NOAA-registered beacons, the Coast Guard will need to get some additional confirmation that you're really out there before initiating search and rescue. I've heard many calls on Channel 16 asking if anyone knows anything about vessel "xxxx" which shows an EPIRB activation. That's what happens when the primary phone contact for a beacon does not answer that phone call. The result? Many valuable hours wasted.

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