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Probably a noob mistake
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Review

Vacuum cleaners are essential for every household nowadays, but have you ever heard of robotic vacuum cleaners? Unlike other types of vacuum with the inconveniences of size, weight and long hoses with cords which are hard to carry around the house, the robotic vacuum is a ‘win-win’. Most of its users describe robotic vacuums as the top rated vacuum cleaners and an effortless ‘assistant’ for the household. Let’s see what robotic vacuum cleaners are all about.

Robotic Vacuum vs Other Vacuums

Robotic vacuum cleaners or ‘Robovac’, is an automatic vacuum which is programmed to clean your house without any effort from the user. Compared with other types of vacuum cleaners on the market, robot vacuums have a number of advantages. The robotic vacuums appeared to be small and moveable. They were also light in weight compared to other models. Other vacuum cleaner models on the market, such as canister vacuum cleaners, require you to carry them around the house, which is inconvenient because they are large and heavy. What could be more annoying than tripping over the vacuum's cords while cleaning? Moreover, think of when you have to detach every single part to deep clean that big vacuum, such time-consuming. With robotic vacuums, users only need to turn them on and let them do the job.

[Image: poP0eBF.jpg]

Easy to control

No need to physically control and guide the vacuum like you used to do. The way to control a robotic vacuum is fairly simple. Some robotic vacuums come with a remote controller, some come with a phone application and some come with both. You can simply control your robotic vacuum with a single touch on the phone application or just press those buttons on the remote. Recently, some models have included a navigator and a camera, allowing you to track the vacuum's location via your phone. Timer feature also available where you can set a time for your vacuum to start cleaning and a time for it to stop. In short, with robotic vacuums in Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners, you can minimize all the physical interaction and effort besides dumping out its dustbin.

Self-charge feature

When using robotic vacuums, instead of charging them, all you need to do is pick a spot for its charging desk and the robot vacuum will automatically return to the spot before it runs out of battery. When it is fully charged, the robotic vacuum will get back to work as usual.

[Image: xcZGCqk.jpg]

Must-have item

According to best vacuum cleaner reviews, people buy robotic vacuums because of their constant cleaning feature. Therefore, a robot vacuum is a must-have for pet owners and allergy sufferers. Not just the greater convenience than other models, robotic vacuums significantly limit your exposure to dust and debris around the house, as well as your pet’s hair.


Beside some of the robotic vacuums come from top vacuum cleaner brands might be a bit expensive, you can still find some other brands with a firmer price but work as good such as the iRobot Roomba i3+ and Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL with the price below $600. Robotic vacuum cleaners are the best choice for busy users who don’t have much time to spend on house chores and keep their house clean every day, effortlessly.
You are talking about OpenCPN?
Try firrst closing OpenCPN before your shut down the Pi. If that fixes your problem you can look around for a safe shutdown script- it's here somewhere...

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