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iteration running too slow
actually I get a few messaged while starting up then it stops. But I also noticed if I call /usr/local/bin/pypilot from outside of ~/.pypilot I get it constantly, so its something to do with lack of configuration. But if I execute it within the ~/.pypilot directory it works fine with just a few slow iteration messaged during the init.
What I wanted to know if that those slow iterations are caused by the GPS sentences being send out.

Now that the GPS time is fixed, you need to compare the output with GPS enabled and disabled.

Sean disabled this in master here:

--- a/pypilot/
+++ b/pypilot/
@@ -467,8 +467,9 @@ class Nmea(object):
self.send_nmea('APMWV,%.3f,R,%.3f,N,A' % (wind.direction.value, wind.speed.value))
elif name == 'rudder':
self.send_nmea('APRSA,%.3f,A,,' % self.sensors.rudder.angle.value)
- elif name == 'gps':
- self.send_nmea(self.sensors.gps.getnmea())
+ # too slow? make more tests!
+ #elif name == 'gps':
+ # self.send_nmea(self.sensors.gps.getnmea())
self.nmea_times[name] = t

t5 = time.monotonic()
Before I test, is it normal to get these slow iteration messages during the init ? I also notice the same error if I accidentally start up a second pypilot server and it cannot connect to the gyro sensor, I get flooded with slow iteration messages. But otherwise, if I start the daemon as a service or from within the ~/.pypilot directory I get a few slow messages until its fully initialized and then no more errors.
I also see some slow iteration warnings during the init phase, on tinypilot.

Once init is finished (IMU and motor controller detected) there are no more warnings.
eventually I will clean all this up, but it's low priority. I am trying to get my boat working and the next few months have little time for software.

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