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Feature request automatic man overboord alarm
Would it be great to have automatic MOB alarm and waypoint in opencpn.

I do not know anything about the programming that would be necessery to develop it.

The idea is to have a Bluetooth tag [Image: fc750d727baec3c0b5af26de509a85f5.jpg]
For every crewmember. It needs to be waterproof model. And when the Bluetooth connection is lost, a crew member is overboard, an alarm sounds and a waypoint is set.

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I think thats a great idea !  Big Grin

It could wake up crew,
If attached to Autopilot then bring boat head to wind 
possibly send out a recorded MayDay message after a short time gap 

Just needs someone to do a bit of software  to link to systems

Sorry I can't help there  Sad not upto that


You may want to check out this thread as well:
Hi Michel,

this can be done using node-red.

Install ble-contrib-noble

cd ~/.node-red
npm install npm install node-red-contrib-noble

Then use the Scan-BLEs node to receive the advertisement packages.

Advertisement packages can have a payload of 31 bytes. A lot of devices like fitness
tracker or thermometer are using this to send data without a connection needed.

BLE Beacons are sending iBeacon or Eddystone data format. For presence checking you can
use the mac address only. Just buy a waterproof iBeacon (i recommend an iBeacon with
long range), read out the mac address or iBeacon serial number, add compare node and timer
node and you are done.

This explains it in detail:

I made a standalone solution for one of my customers some years ago. He was building electrically powered surfboards and
needed an additional security feature. So i developed a waterproof wristwatch with two buttons to control the motor. 

It is based on a BLE113 module on the senders side and a BLE112 module on the receivers side. The motor is controlled using
pwm. Additionally a reed switch can be populated. A serial interface sends some information to the build in display of the surfboard.

I am not sure i want to trust on a Raspberry running node red in life critical applications. I think it is better to use a BLE112
breakout board and add a transistor and a small relay to stop the motor or whatever needed.


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This is a great idea.
Excellent your post friend, I liked the way you unfolded and captured the attention of people, keep it up friend and you will go far

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