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Blank screen
The pypilot screen turns on but stays grey...
There is no information.
What should I do?
Thank you for help


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can you see any flashing green light on the raspberry? Is it possible to try a different power supply? After it is running a few minutes can you find any wifi "pypilot" ?
No flashing green light
pypilot is in client mode on my network called openplotter created by nmea4wifi.
It no longer appears on the network....
I tested three different power supplies...
I'm on win10 (sry)
Is there a reset?
I was installing instead of an old B&G acp1
I'm in France and I have to take to the sea on June 15th but without a pilot, impossible...
thanks for the help

I checked the voltages
pp1/pp6 = 4.98v
pp8/pp5 = 3.28v
pp5/pp9 = 1.8v

Still no LEDs on and screen on but no information

By saying pypilot is in client mode. You were able to configure this? Did it work at all initially?

It seems the pi is not booting. I would take the pi zero out, and if possible attach hdmi monitor and see if it boots or not, If no light shows at power up or doesn't flash, you will have to reformat the sd card and/or replace the pi zero. It is possible static or some other reason damaged something.

Sometimes just taking the sdcard out and replacing it will solve this.

I will fully support you with a pi zero and/or costs for this unit.. you can contact me by email: if you cannot resolve this and need replacement parts, I will supply.
Yes it worked,
I had put the pypilot in client mode on nmea4wifi
I had fixed the devices and I had to make the settings rru ...
On power up I have a brief flash on D1
I will try to change sd card
It could be that the sd card is out of order
can i have a .img of the sd card?

try using image from 2021
I found my screen... it was the sd card that no longer worked.
Tomorrow it's purchase of 2 sd cards and configuration.
I am relieved
Thanks for the help
See you

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