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ver 3 headless will not boot
After running into issues with ver 2 headless I discovered in the fine print (regarding ver 3 installation) that ver 2 headless would not run on a rpi4......would have been real helpfull to have documented this up front in bold type!!
I gave up, bought a new 32gb sd card and in meantime looked at the bareboat AP - I used the same SD, same method of clonimg etc. BBN loaded up on the rpi4 no issues and pypilot, opencpn, etc etc ran right off the bat - no additional settings required just ran. 
Today I got my new sd in the mail. I loaded it using a win 7 64 bit PC with raspberry  pi imager and the lattest download of openplotter headless ver 3. Followed docs on installation and checked that i did it per docs
It failed to boot just like my original no 2 SD did on ver2 headless. (my no1 sd did not fail to boot on ver 2 ) 
I am attaching the screenshot of the "boot" as displayed on a TV connected to the rpi with micro hdmi 
I then powered off the rpi and repowered - the "boot" looks to be the same.

There is something really wrong here and has lead to a huge loss of time. 
The rpi 4b has been a major pain in the but, and I do not recommend it to anyone for a start - better to go with an older and more reliable rpi,
But it does not explain what is happening with the headless versions. 
My installation plan was to go with headless on the rpi4 using VNC on a win tablet ( has proven good as a cockpit mounted chartplotter), and interface with openplotter, pypilot etc. Thus I could have opencpn as a standalone opencpn chartplotter on the PC  as backup and normally run openplotter via VNC on the rpi with AIS, pypilot, opencpn etc. 
I'm stuck now with no idea how to get openplotter working. 
Is it because the 64 bit version has an issue? Is there an issue with the sd card formatting with the pi imager? Is there an issue with a win 64bit PC running pi imager? 

SV Zolanda
Nanaimo BC
subsequent to my bug report re ver3 headless not booting:
I have now got it running.

The problem is that the download files/folder that has been linked in the docs has been posted without adequate validation.
The download link downloads a version 3 headless folder within which are both the 63bit and the 32bit versions.

These should have been linked separately because rpi imager can not select folders within folders. It has to see the zip compressed file directly in order for imager to load this as the source file. Per the doc on imager, you do not have to decompress, but you do need to have the zip file naked and able to be selected. If you are using win 7 as example, you need to first move the correct zip file to a new folder where it is the only file in this new folder. Do not cut-paste as it will take 1/2 day to do. Simple click and move the file with mouse.
With RPI imager the file select mechanism does not allow the user to see the files within the download folder so as to see this issue, and the user who follows the dos as currently written will load only the primary folder in the download file along with whatever garbage is present.
SV Zolanda
Sorry, I am afraid I do not understand this issue. This is the web page I get when I click the download link for OP3 headless edition:


Do you get something different? If you click "Download all files" obviously you will get both 32 and 64 images.

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