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Victron VenusOS
Would it be possible to add the Victron venusOS software to open plotter for those with victron energy devices?
(2023-01-01, 06:49 AM)jim321 Wrote:

Yes, I currently have it running as a stand alone system.   It would be good if it were easily intergrated into openplotter.

it looks looks like all the os uses is node red and Signal K server.
both are already in openplotter.
(2023-01-04, 10:59 AM)jim321 Wrote:

it looks looks like all the os uses is node red and Signal K server.
both are already in openplotter.

Node red and Signal K are in openplotter, correct   But Venus OS is not is openplotter and that is what I am asking.  

It is the software that Victron run on their cerbo GX and other devices and have made available for free to the community to run on various ARM computers

What it is capable of briefly and 

Have a read about it a bit here in practice on a boat 

Myself and a lot of other people use the very popular victron products and it would be great to have one highly functional raspberryPI running openplotter,  than have more that one raspberryPI to suit their needs. Also the data can easily run through one signal K server or node red.  Victron has VRM remote portal for remote management of your boats power supply, which is free if you have internet connection.
all i can say is its been done, years ago.
maybe paddyb, boatingbaileys, tkurki will chime in.
the Victron venusOS is an older version of linux than openplotter uses.
To create a dashboard, you need openplotter SignalK, signalk-venus-plugin, signalk-to-influxdb and Grafana. Here's a sample:

[Image: victron-signalk.png]
Venus OS is a system for managing, configuring and monitoring Victron installations. It provides
- a UI for configuring and monitoring the connected Victron equipment
- connectivity to VRM - Victron Remote Monitoring, their cloud monitoring solution
- remote connection for monitoring your installation (think "how is my off grid energy system doing", not only on boats), remote access to the user interface so you can change configuration, turn chargers on/off etc remotely
- remote access to detailed equipment configuration
- (remote) firmware updates
- remote ssh level access to the system
- HTML5 app customised for running on modern MFDs, allowing monitoring and configuring stuff on plotters
- N2K connectivity for Victron devices

Yes, it runs on a version of Linux, but that is quite beside the point. Do you honestly really really care about the exact Linux version? Except when it causes incompatibilities = trouble....

Yes, Influxdb & Grafana are a powerful combo. But it is 100% diy - VRM is end user friendly, you don't need to configure much if anything after connecting your installation to it. I love fiddling with Grafana dashboards, but not everybody does.

Venus OS can optionally run also Signal K and Node-RED. The Node-RED has custom nodes for interacting with Victron stuff.

Venus is a complete, pretty complex software system, starting from the operating system level. I don't think it is realistic to add it to an OpenPlotter system anytime soon.

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