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OPenplotter on OrangePi
Following this as well. Pi's are great but it would be nice to have an alternative.
For those who intend to substitute a raspberry for an orange and run openplotter:

Please wait a little longer, Raspberry 4 availability is about to be fixed:

We have never tested Openplotter on Orange Pi and I do not think we will invest much effort to make that work, we would like to but our resources are limited. Obviously any help on this will be accepted.
New update vs OrangePi:
1. I have installed GPS/RTL/SDRPlay drivers
2. I was able to install SDR++/GQRX/FLDIGI/AIS Catcher
3. I was also able to install openplotter settings 3.5.0 (development way) and from there: signalK, opencpn, XyGrib, canBus, serial, notifications and sdr vhf.
4. Also PyPilot but I have an impression that without help that installation is useless.
5. The same for GPIO/I2C - all those packages are RasberryPi oriented and they cannot work on OrangePi 5 board. Also Im not sure if we have any python library for OrangePi 5 (attached link is for Orange PI Zero) -> i need to start searching in internet.

Sailoog? what do you think about? 
Im ready to help and work on it Smile
Sailog, please look into that:
I have found some interesting places too and sent some emails to get more details. Maybe we would get something Smile
New hint:
We could consider lg which is a general Linux library.
1. GPS configured under signalK and OpenCpn takes GPS from signalK
2. I2C modul opening. Possible to configure I2C sensors but due to an issue with adafruit_blinka library doesn't work and not sending data to signalK.
This is a general issue and not related to openplotter itself. I guess once fixed, I2C modul and sensors should work with signalK

I have made tests on Armbian too and no success for openplotter I2C. For me adafruit library is not confgured to support Orange Pi 5...
For this info:
Please wait a little longer, Raspberry 4 availability is about to be fixed: -> that's true expected in mid 2023 but what is the sense to buy it when new release comes in early 2024? Also the price is actually so high :/
Today some good news:
Openplotter I2C is working on my orangePi 5 and reading data from my 2 sensors:
BMP280 - 0x77
AHT20  - 0x38
And send data to SignalK.

I have prepared a small instruction (my notes) and if someone wants to follow please just contact me.

1. OS install
2. NVMe (optional)
3. Update/Upgrade OS
4. VNC
5. GPS (UART0_M2)
6. I2C (I2C5_M3)
9. SDR++
10. GQRX
11. AIS catcher

Of course, please keep in mind that openplotter was not written for OrangePi but RasberryPi and some buttons cannot work and some messages are not relevant.

Next step: checking pypilot, sdr uhf
Very easy to install OpenPlotter on Orange Pi :

Install the Debian version for Orange Pi :

Once Debian is installed on Orange Pi (by default : User orangepi and password the same) you can download "OpenPlotter Settings" at :;t=binary/

Follow the instruction to install (

Once done, goto "Menu" => "Other" => launch Settings.
Click un "Add Souce"
Click on Get Candidats
Click Refresh

Start installing each modules (OpenCPN, SignalK, Serial ...)

Some features are not available : I2C and PyPilot
Pypilot can be solved by TyniPilot (RPI Micro)
I2C can be solve with Arduino and SensESP.

I will surely make some videos about this in the future.
They will be in french with subtitle ;-)
Some features are not available : I2C and PyPilot -> of course we see that in settings as message "apply only to Raspberry" but it can be installed
To make it working they need some adjustment in code... and some modules will never work as dedicated to Raspberry (UARTs), as my previous post I2C is fixed for Orangepi 5
pypilot working partially now, still fixing it

Raplh, would be good to exchange notes about it Smile

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