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Wired ethernet link between Tinypilot and Openplotter Raspberry
Hi all,
operating a Tinypilot sold by Sean (running the last image 0.32) and a Raspberry 3B with OpenPlotter, I would like to get a wired an Ethernet link between both equipment in place of the wifi connection (I would like to avoid the wifi electromagnetic emission in my steel boat).
I have bought an usb to Ethernet adapterĀ  and installed the extension needed to activate this adapter (this extension is not included in Tinycore 9 used by Sean for the Iinypilot).
But now, due to my poor knowledge of Linux and Tinycore, I am unable to configure Tinypilot and OpenPlotter to get this Ethernet link.
Your help would be welcome!
If you check /opt/ you should be able to modify the wlan interface to eth0. Depending on your network you may want dhcp or static.

If you modify any scripts on tinycore such as in /opt you must run " -b" to repackage them for the next boot.
Sean said it all.

Do you plan to link the two PI with a cross link ethernet cable or do you plan to use an Ethernet switch ?

Will there be any other Ethernet devices (most importantly an Ethernet router like a Wifi AP...) or there will be only the two PIs ?
Hi Sean and Stellian,
many thanks for your reply. So I will try this as soon as possible. I don't use a switch, only a cross cable between the two Rpi. I will feed back here after trial.
I think the easiest is to set-up a WIFI access point on the OpenPlotter side ( and check the checkbox "Add ethernet ports to the AP".

On Tinypilot, it may work just out of the box, because there is a script called on boot (/etc/init.d/ which tries to connect to a dhcp server if an ethernet device is detected... But since you're loading the usbnet kernel modules later, it may not work, and possibly you will have to launch this same script after having loaded the modules. Try it !
Hi Sean and Stelian,
thanks to your help, I have finally succeed to get a wired link between Openplotter and Tinypilot.

I have not made any change to but I start Tinypilot in client mode with the Wifi fixed address I open the terminal and go to Tinypilot by SSH (ssh tc@, then I activate eth0 with ifconfig in tinypilot in client mode (sudo ifconfig eth0 and I can stop wlan0 in tinypilot and wlan9 in Openplotter.

Previously I have installed the extension net-usb-4.9.22.tcz ( in /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce on the Tinypilot Raspberry, created the file "onboot.lst" in /mnt/mmcblk0p2/ and added with sudo nano the line "net-usb-KERNEL.tcz" in onboot.lst.

If necessary I can restart wlan9 to connect an android tablet with VNC.

I don't know if all this operation is what is supposed to be done, but it's working fine so It's ok for me.

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