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New MacArthur HAT - Testers Wanted
I'm available to test MacArthur HAT! I used for a long time moitessier hat.

let me know!

Best regards
ThatĀ“s really cool. That would make my setup much cleaner and add new features.
When do you expect the final version to be ordered by the masses?
Sorry, but all prototypes have already been assigned.

Giving a date for mass production is risky because a compromise is always made, we'll see...
@BellaX @Adrian

I have extracted the posts about the noise filter issue and created a new and independent thread for better tracking:
@Jean-Marc Douroux @BellaX @Adrian

I have extracted the posts about the TVS diodes issue and created a new and independent thread for better tracking:
Some US and Canadian users already have their HATs in hand and most HATs for the EU will leave Barcelona on Monday.

We would need testers to pay special attention to the power feature.
  • If you detect any electrical noise produced by the HAT on your devices, please report it here.
  • Test the HAT at the maximum voltage that your boat can generate (only in 12V systems of course), normally when charging the batteries (alternator, chargers, MPPT...). If you encounter any issues, please report here.
  • Make a NMEA 2000 connection and check that after a few hours it still works without problems.

For any other issue use these forums::

General for issues, How do I...? for questions and How I did it to to show us your assembly, some pictures would be also great.

(2023-04-01, 11:26 AM)Sailoog Wrote: @Jean-Marc Douroux @BellaX @Adrian

I have extracted the posts about the TVS diodes issue and created a new and independent thread for better tracking:

Hi there,

I discovered your amazing MacArthur project while I was searching information on OpenCPN and it makes me fanstasticaly enthusiast ! This is THE missing part !
I have always been concerned and, to be honest, fascinated by open source philosophy but what was missing in boat stuffs was clearly the hardware.

I recently bought my first boat, an old, but huge, 440 lagoon because it was a long term dream and lockdowns made me crazy ! I swore that they will not lock me anymore in my house.
In last august, while I was bringing my boat back to the closest port of my house, a huge wave destroyed the only left Raymarine C120 screen, installed externally. (The boat had a complete Raymarine equipment, Dual C120 (one was already dead, Radar, ST6001 autopilot, AIS, ST60 Wind, ST60 Tridata, Compass, GPS antenna, etc...)

Because of the cost and old outdated stuffs, I considered a way to limit the costs with a more up-to-date system

One of my friends suggested me "a standard, with fans, computer + Windows* + OpenCPN + USB Multiplexer (from Multiship)"

As a huge critic of Gates and Windows hegemony (I am old enough to remember netscape) as well as a big fan of OSS, I preferred "Fanless computer + linux* + OpenCPN + RJ45 Multiplexer (from Multiship)"

OR BETTER : "Raspberry Pi + Openplotter + RJ45 Mulitplexer (from Multiship)" if I could find a way to configure the multiplexer !!

But was not clear for me how to connect the multiplexer to the pi4.

Even if I bought the fanless computer I would be extremely happy to replace my system by your MacArthur Hat as soon as you will make few of them available !!!!

On a personal note, it is true that I am not really experienced with boats and I am discovering Raymarine devices but I study electronics and fluids and have a 30 years of experience to repair all kinds of stuffs (including electric, Fluids, elecronics, computers, etc..)

In short, please put me on the list for the next batch of boards sailoogs pleaseĀ  Big Grin
I'll follow the forum silently untill there

Regards and keep up the good work


*For user interfaces I was considering one internal HDMI screen and a cheap android tablet with TightVNC connected in wifi for external screen
You can also check the SC16IS752IPW chip. It is i2c to two UART ports and because of i2c you can combine them to have as many UART as you want. After that some max3232 and... voila ! You have many NMEA183 ports as you want. Drivers are already in the kernel. Just enable from tree overlay.
Hi beta testers, we need your help to test a discovery that will greatly improve the Seatalk1 connection:
oh Man! wish I had seen this sooner, I have both N2K and seatalk on board, I would have loved to test it, and i'm just down the road in Castelldefels!

Guess ill wait for the finished product to be released. Looking forward to it!

keep up the great work!

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