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A series of unfortunate events...
I do not normally do any off-topic here, but because I am the main developer for pypilot this is relevant information regarding what I am capable (or not capable) of dealing with in the future.

I held anchor in 50 knots in a very strong thunderstorm 2 days ago.  My main anchor did not hold and I dragged but threw another anchor and it held me.    

After the storm I pulled them both to reset, get the weeds off the main anchor and move so I would not swing into another boat.

When the wind shifted the next day I ended up on the rocks in only 20-25 knot wind.   Both my anchors dragged.   I could have used more scope although I had a lot of scope enough to hold in 50 knots.   I just am unlucky to have both anchors land in bad spots.   I should have dove on the anchors, I should have anchored farther from the rocks to begin with,  I should have.... could have...

I have been here 2 months without dragging (besides the storm), and did not think both anchors would fail.   It is a strange place with weeds that readily fouls anchors.    My anchors are rocna and fortress and I am aware the fortress cannot deal with abrupt changes in direction.   I always reset it with direction changes.

I was holding for 7 hours with the wind steady and.    I think a few big waves popped the anchors out and they skipped and fouled.    The holding is very poor.     My boat did take a lot of damage:

Right now,  I have to fix my boat and I cant mail many pypilots, so I have closed my store.

Another factor is the fact I was unlawfully arrested last month for using a public shower in a public park.   The park worker there said he didn't want to "look at me" I told him I wasnt breaking any rules he said "I dont care about the rules"  He called the police and accused me of "washing"  which I wasnt doing or I was, I dont really know since it is a shower.    I don't think it is washing if you don't have any soap, rinsing off on a hot day.  I waited for someone to give their dog a shower before I could use it.

There are 22 rules posted in front of the shower and none of them say anything about washing or even use that word, and washing isnt even illegal anyway, or is it?   I dont even know still and I dont think I was washing anyway.

When he started threatening to "knock me down" I walked away but 2 minutes later the police found me and put me in jail.    I was in jail for 4 days because they refused to let me bail out.  The guards complained that there were too many people being arrested so they didnt have time to let me pay my own bail.    The bail was $1000 (because I argued with the police telling him I didnt do anything illegal, I was charged with "resisting")   The judge dropped all the charges because there is no evidence of a crime, but now I have also a criminal record in the united states, because here, if someone accuses you and the police arrest you that is enough so in the future police will just give me a worse time since I am in their system now.    Police hassle me for no good reason a few times every year but I have never been arrested before,  I am afraid they will now, more and more.   It costs another $1000 to expunge the false arrest.

When I was in jail, I caught a virus, probably covid.   I was very sick and could not sleep the entire time as well as for 2 days after getting out.   I could not poop for a week and eventually with a lot of pain I managed.    They confiscated my kayak that I had since new zealand in 2012, and did not impound it but disposed of it somewhere so I could not get it back.  This is a private jail where they get paid more to keep it full.   They charged me $81 fee to pay my bail.  I disputed the charge and was told "it was processed correctly"   The town clerk here says they will not refund it even though the charges are all dropped.  I did not (and could not) use a bail bond person, so I should get the full amount back.  The guards only let me out of the cell twice for 30 minutes each in 4 days.  The jail guards stole the $48 cash I had on me.  More than a month later I have not received my $1000 bail.   I could not order parts for pypilot boards without the money the entire process of building autopilot boards is disrupted. 

If you are wondering why shipping on my store has been disabled to the United States for a few weeks:  This is the reason.   I am sanctioning the United States for 3 years unless this issue is resolved in a meaningful way.   I continue to support and encourage anyone anywhere to build their own electronics and use my free software, but I am saving the products I build for people in other countries for now.   I am still upset about what the authorities did to me in new zealand (because they didnt like the look of my boat)   but they did not put me in jail there, so it is not the same at all.

I have worked on pypilot starting in 2016 and all I have is a boat I bought for $3000 and now I need to spend what money I have to fix it.   My ability to build motor controllers and so forth is disrupted, it will take me time to recover.     I dont want to do anything else but work on free software but  if more stuff like this keeps happening, I don't know what will happen.

If you have an outstanding order with me  (I have 7 or 8)  it may take some weeks or a month or more before I can complete it. Be patient, or I will also offer refunds as always.   I continue to support all past orders.
Fuck them all, bastards. You have a private message.
Sean, that sucks so bad! Please, find a way we can support you further, if you can. May be through a donate button at the Github repository? Or let us preorder (store credit) with a 6 month lead time? Anyway you feel more comfortable with, I am in. Pypilot has taken my boat where it needed to go for the last couple of years,  and I want to support you more if you let me. Warmest regards.
I'm one of those with pending orders, and just want to say don't worry at all, if it takes 1 or 2 or 3 months, I'll wait till you're back in your feet

I hope you can recover from this, and those f***g cops get what they derserve (which probably won't happen, sadly), or at least you can get your money back!

Don't let them get under your skin, Sean! There are hundreds if not more people who value what you do and what you stand for. Be happy about that today. Be sad about what happened tomorrow. And repeat that thought every day! Take care, hope you can soon leave it behind.
I'm really really sad at what happened, you surely do not deserved this from mother Nature after your last police adventures. Hopefully the wheel will turn and better days will come.

And for those who didn't know, there is already a donate button at (contact tab)
(2023-04-19, 10:57 AM)stelian Wrote: Sono davvero molto triste per quello che è successo, sicuramente non te lo sei meritato da madre natura dopo le tue ultime avventure poliziesche. Speriamo che la ruota giri e che arrivino giorni migliori.

E per coloro che non lo sapessero, c'è già un pulsante di donazione su (scheda contatti)

Fatto, e buon vento, sempre.
(2023-04-19, 10:57 AM)stelian Wrote: I'm really really sad at what happened, you surely do not deserved this from mother Nature after your last police adventures. Hopefully the wheel will turn and better days will come.

And for those who didn't know, there is already a donate button at (contact tab)

Stelian, I tried to use the button for a very modest show of solidarity, but Paypal was declined. Maybe Sean could do a little update on his account?
Maybe do direct paypal transfer from to Sean's email ? (email is on the Contact tab of
Hi Sean, at the end of a day enjoying the wonderful efficiency of your Pypilot at sea, I am very sad to discover the events of these last days. I send you all my wishes for a fast recovery of an operational boat and a better fortune.

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