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This is getting better Smile

After studying your code a little I think we can do it. Maybe the best would be extracting IMUs management from "I2C" to a new one "IMU" where we can set IMU and parameters, then we could add a new pypilot tool with his own window to set autopilot parameters. Amazing...

Yes, orange pi, odroid... are perfect candidates to openplotter, we hope to migrate to other sustems with few changes when stable version is reached.

Now I have to install pypilot and play with it to familiarize, then I will create a branch to add pypilot to openplotter on the repository, feel free to push code. I will have doubts so I will also create a new post to discuss and follow development in public if you agree.
I have no problem with a public topic for development.

Did you get my branch of RTIMULib2 to work at all? The basic drive demo should work as well as the python bindings. Once it is working you should try to run "pypilot/" to test just the imu capabilities.

I am currently using odroid c2 as my main computer. It's a bit buggy since it's arm 64, but opencpn works well even with accelerated graphics. A lot of programs are broken or don't run correctly, including firefox, and kicad. The usb is buggy. I have to reboot often, but otherwise it's great.

So far the nano pi is too buggy. i2c works, but spi can only write 64 bytes at a time.... The gpio doesn't work right either, not all functions supported. Maybe the software can get fixed soon, as it's really better than the orange pi given the built in emmc.
I have opened a new thread with my first test:
abarrow, maxencep,

New OP 0.12.0 version should work for MPU-9255 IMUs, please test.
Yep, works very well. It seemed to calibrate easier than with the 9250 in version 11. Thanks!
It is working fine for me as well.
Question not linked to MPU9255: Wouldn't it be possible to have a generique file which "translate" SignalK <==>NMEA183 without having to do it manually data by data. Then people could modify this file if they are using different configuration.
Thanks for testing guys.

maxencep I do not understand your question. All NMEA0183 data is translated into signal k automatically. Signal k data can be translated into NMEA 0183 by the signal k plugin and by NMEA 0183 generator for special cases.

I would like to close this thread, do you mind opening a new one?

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