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Saillogger plug-in support
Since migrating to OP3, my saillogger plug-in does not seem to work reliably any longer.   It seems to work ok for short trips but some longer races are not being reported correctly. 
For example, a 75Nm distance race (about 100Nm sailed) was reported as a 220Nm trip.   The time lapse shows few sections where the track zig-zags back and forth thus adding for extra 'distance' 

I just went through another 200+ NM race and this trip did not show up on the web page at all.  

How can I go about contacting the author of the plug-in for some help? 

Thanks to all

Check questions 5 and 9 on the support page:
(2023-08-01, 02:33 AM)Saillogger Wrote: Check questions 5 and 9 on the support page:

Many thanks for your response.   I will review the items 5 and 9. l.  

Saillogger is is publishing short trips OK and I don't change any settings in between my trips.     It is two longer sail trips which were not reported.   

Where does Saillogger store its internal data during the trip so that it can construct a new entry?    I am assuming it is not relying on InfluxDB but it has its own folder? 

That is strange, there is really no differentiation of a short vs long trip from Saillogger's perspective. It has its own internal data store and does not rely on InfluxDB or anything else. It is designed to log multi-week or even multi-month sails, crossing oceans etc and some have logged pretty long trips. 200 miles is not particularly long and should not be a problem.

Regardless, troubleshooting steps are the same, try to understand what is happening by using the steps outlined in question 5 in the support page and report back your findings. One possibility is that you have an erratic GPS source on the network (indicated by zigzagged tracks), it may be messing up with the logic that detects the start and end of a trip. Try testing with a single reliable GPS source, details are covered in question 9.

Can I change the email on my account?

Also, sold my boat and am looking for a new one. Will the same collector with a new MMSI create a new boat in my account? Or will I need a new account?

SCarns, do you still have access to your old e-mail? If so, send an email from that e-mail giving the new one and and will change it.

A new name and MMSI with the same collector ID will change the name of the boat in the new log entries. In the Saillogger boats page, you will still see a single boat though.

Alternatively, add the infot to the e-mail you send above and we can create a new boat under your account. It is supported as a beta feature but there is no UI to configure it yet. But if you want keep it simple, just use the same collector ID and it should be fine and probably better.
This is still my favourite app - Thanks Saillogger Smile
(2023-08-13, 09:49 PM)Lazzz Wrote: This is still my favourite app - Thanks Saillogger Smile

You are very welcome Smile This was an app we developed to capture our own sails from San Francisco to Mexico in 2019 and it turned out to be a popular solution used by hundreds and hundreds of boaters around the world, logging more than three hundred thousand miles!

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