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Serial stops recognizing devices if I connect the Victron Ve.Direct cable
Raspberry pi 4 with Openplotter 3 64 bit (with all updates to date) and with ssd boot USB 3 disk.
I connected these devices with tplink powered usb hub (UH720, 7 Ports USB 3.0):
- RTL-SDR Blog V3
- 3 x Cable Victron
if I connect only the SDR and GPS devices everything works fine. If I connect even one of the victron cables, the serial app stops detecting the devicesĀ  and sdr stops being recognized.
Note that the problem does not always come out systematically but most of the time.
The problem also comes out if I connect 1 victron cable directly from the rpi, so it's not a hub power problem.
If I change boot disk with openplotter 2, the devices are recognized correctly.
I also tried to change the usb hub (before I had the TpLink UH700) but the problem is the same.
I also talked about it here:
Interesting that despite the gps being reported as missing by Data Browser it works correctly. While the SDR device sometimes stops working.

In debug mode
interesting discovery:
If i start openplotter-serial with sudo
sudo openplotter-serial
everything goes back to normal,
I got it from the fact that I see different responses with lsusb and sudo lsusb
( same thing with sudo openplotter-sdr-vhf)
Hi @kste,

I have the same use case (Raspberry pi 4 with Openplotter 3 64 bit SSD BOOT) and the same issue. You are not alone with this problem.

Regards Nils
@kste you have stumbled on a same bug/feature as a few people before you, also me.

This phenomenom has been there at least 1.5 years, and the symptoms are pretty much the same:
connecting a device (usually via a usb-hub) "clears" the lsusb, but all the devices are listed correctly using sudo lsusb.
As the Serial-app uses lsusb by default no wonder it misses the devices.

Just as you have documented.

Usually the devices work correctly when used on the same hw but on OP2.

Sadly enough this bug/feature is often explained as defective device/PSU/SD-card, so that is that.
And the person who tries to solve the problem just gives up...

But if the experts of this forum/OP3 have insight on this matter please share your wisdom.


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